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Split screen in ranked!

Why is split screen allowed in ranked

Why shouldn’t it be?


I guess it can cause technical issues.

  • Objectively worse experience for the 2 split players visually
  • Objectively worse performance from the console
  • Can’t use sound to your advantage because 2 players are having 2 audio sources go at once.
  • Your buddy on the couch is almost a guaranteed bet that they’re going to drag the team
  • Further delegitimizes rank than it already is.

Ranked is not a casual mode.


Guests shouldn’t be in ranked. Its baffling this is still a thing.


Only the 4th point affects anyone other than the splitscreeners, Gotta admit that I feel a little disheartened when I see splitscreeners on my team lol - but there have been occasions where both the splitscreeners were skilled players, so I try not to pre-judge now.

All of the other points only affect the splitscreeners - who cares, especially when it doesn’t affect anyone else.

Still would like to hear back from BIGBUSH631 though…

Yes it does. You see less, your console’s dragging its feet, you can’t hear things. You perform worse due to a worse experience and drag the team down.

Split-Screen should never have been in Ranked.

How do you see less when other players (hundreds of miles away) are splitscreening?

You sound like an upset split screener :joy:

Split screen shouldn’t be in any public mode. I’ve never had a positive experience on versus or horde when playing with split screen players.

You should get your hearing checked because I have never splitscreened.

I have been on teams where splitscreeners have carried the team. Your mileage may vary.

I’ve yet to have a positive experience with split-screeners in VS or Horde tbh

You’re missing the point.

The split-screeners are handicapping themselves which automatically hinders their team because they’re struggling.
You can mention any exceptions to the rule but the fact remains that split-screening is an objectively worse experience than those either running solo or in online teams by console performance alone.

In short: You put yourselves at a disadvantage, struggle, and thus your team suffers because of it.

In a competitive setting, that is only a detriment. No one cares if you do it in social/quickplay because there’s nothing at stake beyond somebody’s dailies.

Almost everything you said is absolutely correct.

It’s just not true to say that all splitscreeners are bad. I already said I get disheartened when I see splitscreeners on my team. But I try not to pre-judge now because I’ve been on teams where the splitscreeners have carried the team. Your mileage may vary.

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Split-screen is 30fps for both players which is a major disadvantage against 60fps.

Now I know why I’ve been suckung. Sorry hunny wait your turn. Lol

People probably play ranked splitscreen because you can’t pick the game mode you want in Social.

It’s a rough experience for the split screen player and is extremely hard to play. Those of you complaining about getting stuck with them on your team have other things to worry about though. If your rank is low enough that you’re getting stuck with split screen players, it’s not due to the split screen players. It’s you.

Only point I would argue is that I’m pretty sure you can still get separate audio on split screen, you just need headphones for each player.

Which sucks honestly, I wish it just mirrored rank just like social used to be.

The fact that there’s no social Escalation, Execution, 2v2 etc. confuses me.

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Like the ranking system (that we still have no clue how it’s supposed to work entirely) just smacking damn near everyone down to Bronze 1 after placements and getting matched with Masters and people who haven’t Prestiged?