Split screen in offline multiplayer

I know that in gears 5 you cannot play multiplayer modes (like tdm for example) in split screen in ranked (online), but I would like to know if it is possible to play these multiplayer modes (tdm and others) in divinity screen in offline with bots . Thank you very much in advance

Depends. On console you can.

Então, se eu estiver em um xbox one , poderei jogar offline com bots em tela dividada, certo?(desculpe , é que preciso ter certeza)

No habla espanol my dude

no puedes jugar Gears 5 sin conexión debido a la forma en que está hecho el juego, así que no. Sin embargo, puedes jugar en pantalla dividida con bots si tienes una conexión de hasta 3 jugadores.

Next time respond in english please, most people here only speak English

So … to play with bots (with or without split screen) do I need to be online?

Yes you do, unfortunately T.C. doesn’t really think ahead that often

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English is actually forum rules. :wink:

I know

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No you don’t. Start a LAN game.

this is frustrating. anyway, thanks to everyone

Read my post above yours. No need to be frustrated.

So, is it possible to play offline with bots and split screen?



to be honest, I’m a little confused by the divergence of the information, anyway, again, thanks to everyone for the answers

When you’re offline, Custom Match won’t work. You’ll need to go to LAN Match instead.

is this option that I can play with bots (and split screen) while offline? (again I regret the questions, I really need to be sure)

Here’s a link. Fast forward to a minute. The first minute is me setting up splitscreen with the keyboard as the second player, since I have no other battery.