Split screen horde

Do we have that option or do I need to have two xboxes set up for this? I rarely play horde but my son loves it. So it might. e worth it if I can split screen it.

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Pretty sure it is an option seeing as people have shown videos or screenshots of playing splitscreen in Horde. But it seems to come with some reload bug that stops you from doing anything but walking until you reload again. Haven’t gotten the opportunity to do splitscreen in Horde myself yet however. So cannot tell.

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You not only can, but actually can do a 3 player split. Also, the reload glitch has happened to me playing solo.

I saw some of this three player split at E3 for Escape. But I forgot about that. Not that I really make use of anything more than two player split unless my brother’s got friends over who want to play good ol’ Mario Kart in splitscreen. Things tend to get even more interesting when their alcohol level rises while I drink nothing.

I hear that. I quit drinking 8 months ago. Mario Kart just hasn’t been the same.

Some of my favorite gaming night moments have come from this. My brother, half drunk, picks a three wheeled vehicle with one at the back and two at the front. A few moments later…
“This thing sucks at drifting!”
My response :
“It’s got three wheels, what did you expect?”.
Fun times. But let’s not hijack the thread with this too much.

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Good to know…ty guys…

Sign yourself onto the game
Then sign your son in.
If he’s got his own gt he’ll play as himself.
If he hasn’t I’m sure his name will be your gt with (1).

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If you’re on Xbox yes. If you’re on PC, no.