Split screen guest accounts allowed in Core playlists?

I’m not sure if I like that this is allowed in core playlists, what do you guys think? I’m not sure if this is the first Gears that allows this.

What’s the problem you have with it?

I always wondered how rank is assigned to a guest account. But, it never really bothered me. When I see a guest account on the enemy team I assume it’ll be an easy win.

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I guess I’m fine with it because I understand the couch scenario just having fun with a friend (social isn’t always enough). But maybe it should have a rank cap at silver or something idk

Sometimes I play core playlists because I simply can’t stand playing with bots like quickplay has, or when playing with a friend because we also hate bots, if there is a guest account in our team then we are probably going to be at a disadvantage. I know that we should be getting a full team to avoid that but oh well.

The only problem that I can see deals with the outcome expectations for rank purposes… The system bases the rank movement ,in part, on guesses re which team is more likely to win, which itself is based on some weighted average of individual ranks… A guess account totally messes that up… Wouldn’t be a problem if rank movement was based on relative performance between players (guest accounts are ignored), but this system they made up which puts such a huge focus on the TEAM WIN / LOSS, is very easy to manipulate with guest accounts.

seeing a guest account already mentally takes away my confidence of winning

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