Split screen framerate on Series X

I was extremely disappointed to find out that split screen on Series X in locked at 30 fps, not to mention that the sides of the screen are cut off.
I mean, I would probably understand some 3rd party dev not giving a crap about updating fps for next gens, but one of the main Microsoft franchises? Are you serious?
Is there an update in plans that would address this issue?
Gears 5 has the best PvE content in entire franchise, please let us make use of the next gen capability to enjoy 60 fps gameplay with our IRL friends

I doubt they’ll be any updates now as tc is working towards gears 6 now & ue5, so no more updates for gears 5. also, i have a Xbox series x and was disappointed with the frame rate on split screen too. my display is capped at 60fps. but I would imagine if you had a 120Hz screen with the Xbox series x you’ll be getting 60fps on both screens that are split? im not sure though.

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I don’t think that’s how it works, the framerate is fixed regardless of the screen. Screen refreshing rate only allows for displaying up to X frames per second. I realize they are focused on Gears 6 or whatever but that wouldn’t require much work, it’s just switching fps cap from 30 to 60. Many devs did that once next gen console launched

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Is that even 30? Feels more like 15-20.