Split screen bars removed? And a few more

I have been playing Gears since the original game dropped back in 06. There are loads of things I would love to see in this game but right now I’d like a few tweaks and fixes in things. First being split screen. I play split screen all the time with my girlfriend. And we are constantly bothered by the black bars on the edges of our screen. When we go back and play Epics Gears Of War 3 we don’t have this issue. So why is it a thing in Gears 5?

Another thing that bothers us is Horde bots. Compared to Verses bots they are lazy and useless. In verses the bots actively try to take objectives and hunt for people to eliminate. But in horde they stand around, follow one player, and you better hope you’re not relying on them to revive you. If that could be fixed, it’d be much appreciated.

Also, can the bots in Verses and Horde be random? Or let us pick who we want on our team in Horde? Hearing the same dialogue from the same two characters but doubled is absolutely annoying.


100%. I despise the Horde bots like Casan and Vermelo.


Me and my girlfriend absolutely hate this as well. I used to play Gears 3 split-screen PvP back in the day with my little brother and it was fine, but the smaller sized screens for Gears 5 just suck; it is one of the main reasons why I avoid PvP split-screen in Gears 5, because of how difficult this makes online play (horde is a little bit more bearable, but I still don’t like it of course).
Anyway, I am glad that you brought this up because I would love to see the size of the screens revert back to how it was in Gears 3, even though I don’t expect anything to change.


Regarding split screen, is the fps raised on split screen when playing on the Series X?


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The black bars are there because the screens are different. You can see more of the game unlike the old splitscreen where your character took half the screen. The black bars are there probably to fit the screens the way they are.

The bigger issue with splitscreen is the lack of 60FPS, at least on the base consoles.

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So make it optional. I don’t see how the screens are different because of the black bars. GoW 1,2, and 3 have no troubles with the full screen. So saying Gears 5 will have trouble when you don’t know because it’s always been there is beyond dull.

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You literally see less with the old splitscreen because everything’s zoomed in.

Basically, to make space for the bigger screens, the sides have to get snaller, or else the screens would be on top of each other. With the old splitscreen, they took up the whole screen because they were narrow.

It’s why Capcom set their screens the way they did for RE5 and RE6.

I despise Casan and vermelo in general