Spent $500 on the Xbox x gears console and I dont even play the game

The fact we can’t pick our gameplay mode in quick play is just dumb

I dealt with this issue in gears 4

I like tdm, I don’t wanna do ranked all the time since it takes longer for matches to start, people dropping and such . And sometimes I just wanna play more relaxed.

I get skne the niche game modes might need help but I just quit then anyway. You are just waist of my time by having to do more matchmaking.

I simply just wanna get tdm on in quick play, have bots back full, new people come In etc

That is all

I am done with gears. When 6 rolls around it’ll be a gamepass for the campaign only or buy used or at $20 range for campaign only.

Have fun with that.

Personally, yes id much prefer G3s system. Or even removing ranks entirely like masters, bronze etc. People who quit are goin to a different game anyway so the time out means nothing. I personally just play ranked like its social cause i dont want bots, n i personally could care less. When u have 0 fuks to give, it becomes a lot more enjoyable… errr… sorta lol

I still dont have Sam… so its not as enjoyable as it could be for me lol

I don’t really play ranked at all. I did for execution for a little but then like arcade so I play that. And also Gnasher only King of the hill was dope. I want that back

And the point in saying u have the gears 5 console was, guess what, I got one too

It’s not dumb. Making social playlists too granular will kill the game. Gears 3 ranked was dead in most game modes as a result.