Spending more time here

Same here. I hope he’s alright and that his break has been helpful with whatever he’s dealing with.


I agree man @Jaylin117x I really hope that he could come back so we can talk to him about the game more…

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I just worry about whether the avalanche of feedback - a lot of which was really negative and/or hostile - was a contributing factor in whatever those issues are. I’d imagine it takes a mental toll to put three years of your life into a project and put a plan into action to make all of these changes you think will be exciting and well received, only to get absolutely put through the ringer online about it for a few months - in some cases probably even about things that weren’t your decision to make.

I don’t think people appreciate the unique pressure of making games, or making music, or making movies, etc. - offering your creative works to an increasingly snarky public who have no problem casually savaging your work in the most uncharitable terms imaginable.

I work a 9 to 5 job in an office. I don’t come home to a hundred tweets about what an incompetent, terrible piece of ■■■■ I am for (helping) make a game some people don’t like.

Maybe I’m completely off the mark with all of this. I hope so. Take care of yourself Ryan.


Even if it wasn’t the primary reason, I’m sure being bombarded with negativity doesn’t help any kind of personal issue.

He earned a decent amount of respect here though for toughing it out and religiously answering everyone’s questions, so I don’t think people are completely clueless. It’s just easy to forget empathy when you can’t see a person’s face and get caught up in the heat of the moment. Not justifying at all—I’m guilty of this as much as anyone.

I hope he gets things sorted out for his own sake. I’d be happy to see him come back, but I wouldn’t blame him in the least if part of taking care of himself means he doesn’t come back, or modifies how he interacts with us.


That’s true, we have NO idea what we’re his ideas and feedback and what was forced upon him\his team.

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There will never be the slightest bit of sympathy for the complete and utter betrayal of the Gears Veterans.

@Shakes_McQueen @Jaylin117x

It’s important also to understand that foremost a Gears of War game its something targeted to an audience, and I don’t have a doubt Gears 5 was a game done with the best intentions , however in the long run once it gotten " Ready to manufacture " and was released in the wild it didn’t get the results they intended to . ( that’s why MS movement towards erasing bad reviews and such) .

George Lucas had the same problem while releasing Episode II: " THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES" , he thought it was an awesome movie and put a lot of heart into it, however on the forums and the critics heavily destroyed the movie and he was lowered down to be a moron due of creating a Star wars movie a love story , which loyalists and fans didn’t care at all and even stated that such movie wasn’t worthy of being a star wars movie at all.

Same thing happened to Gears 5 , it was created with the best intentions, the public didn’t like it, the loyalists didn’t like it and the new fans didn’t like it… which teach the development team a hard lesson " a game you think its good, its not the same as creating a good game "… you have to listen to what your customers want, and they would like to experience in the game, which unfortunately in this game such endevaours were not realized.

George Lucas at the end had to listen to the community and towards the feedback and the result was a kick asss movie STAR WARS III: " Revenge of the Sith" , and now he is widely regarded as a genius of the movie making.

I don’t blame Ryan Cleven at all , I know that it’s not his fault entirely, however they have to take now the bad crops of something that could be fantastic.


As much as I give TC a lot of credit for trying to make changes that they thought would improve the game. They failed miserable and the basic component of a shooting game doesnt work. Shooting a target and having the shot land. How they didnt know this was an issue is beyond me. And how its still not fixed is also beyond me. And to me Ryan Cleven is in charge so he gets the lion share of the blame.


Gears fans are extremely loyal and all they want is a game that functions.


Completely correct man… I’m with you 110 % man.

Now its for TC either to improve the game or create a new one from scratch ( since this one in order to make it better , much deeper changes would have to be stablished )

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No dude, he cucked out of doing “darth jar jar” (Pelagius) becauese everyone hated jar jar so much. Therefore the 2nd movie was rushed together with 15% of the substance it was meant to coming off the plot threads of 1.

The love story bit was emphasized to replace the darth jar jar arc.

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Darth Jar Jar was the way to go.


Jar jar @anon32088142 I really didn’t like that character LOL :smile:

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Can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. They made changes that screwed up the game including ruining Horde, the ranking is still terrible and every time an update comes out, another problem comes with it. They deserve every ounce of feedback they get. It comes with the territory.


He was a retelling of a character from an earlier fantasy realm/author in the 1930’s.

The character basically feigned complete ignorance of any ability. Yet he was a masterful fighter, manipulator, crafter, traveler, etc.

The most unexpected have the most power, etc etc

Too bad the public reception made him cuck out of finishing that arc, where it’s revealed jar jar isn’t just a bumbling idiot, it was a masterful act.

I digress.

Where is the elusive TC? Working on new micro-transaction garbage while the remainder of their dedicated base gives up on Microsofts best IP? Maybe they should show up soon and do an answer and question session here so we can understand why the major issues in this game arent being addressed.


I would say that I would be looking forward to something special given the delay in new content but there’s literally no hope left when it comes to TC.


Yeah it would just be nice if they came and explained some of this stuff to us. Like the Ranking and Matchmaking. Why we arent entitled to see what we are matching up against Rank wise. An explanation of the points. And most of all an explanation why shot registration seems so effed up. We have people complaining here that are 06 vets!!!

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@N0DEZER0 Please check out my thread on Controller Matchmaking! it will actually improve PC players who use gamepad rank experience.

Controller Matchmaking

Feedback can be critical without being nasty. Messing up a game no matter how badly gives no one the right to act a fool.

Is gears 5 in a rough shape? hell yeah. Does that give people the right to be toxic and childish? Hell no.