Spending more time here

I literally had that where one week I couldn’t find anyone when I was on.

I think you missed my last post. If you don’t want to answer lmk so I know what questions I can ask

I think he’s just bouncing around feedback a little more scattershot than he was before, because it’s really piling up in between his visit here now, haha.

Indeed. I’ve been too busy to get all of them right away. I’ll do a full scrub soon.


I hope people realize you’re extremely busy with what seems to be the largest update for the game so far and won’t have much time for a bit.


Ah this makes sense, thanks for clearing it up.

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Can you elaborate on the swing in skill over connection . A silver will be masters with a bad connection. A master will be silver with a good connection. The swing in skill over connection must be addressed.
At 20 ping game feels sluggish, One out of three shots don’t register every time. Player on your screen are not where the are according to server…At 150 ping game feels fluid, all shots register, aim assist is crazy you don’t even have to hit your target to get a kill.`

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Dude you need to inform your counterparts to be more consistent with What’s up? You guys cant literally be this backed up to send even a simple update. They had 3 month to make this right and they’re pushing this update like they’re pushing my buttons, a lot…


I’d like to see the GW502 Error fixed, and ranked team balancing where I’m not paired with a buncha potatoes who are staring at the ceiling and aims like his controls are covered in hot glue.

Hey @N0DEZER0, here’s another question for ya.

With all the feedback you must’ve read/heard since the last tuning you’ve released regarding the ranking system, what are your plans/thoughts on the matter?

Will you continue forward with the current system, tuning/fixing it as you’re going in hopes that it’ll get better with time and more people accept it? Or will you be looking for an alternative, possibly a more simple and straightforward system?

I’m curious to know with everything you’ve gathered, from feedback to data, what your plans are going forward.


Since a few minutes ago, the Escape matchmaking screens are looking… interesting.

If screenshot quality isn’t great, well, I just wasn’t bothered to go through taking an XB Live screenshot, uploading it and then editing it down to the necessary bits I’m willing to show. But I think this gets the point across well enough. Note that this is for Past Hive matchmaking, though there currently is no “Weekly” hive right now either.

So is this intended? Or was it intended with Operation 2 until it was decided it starts on December 11th? Also note the fact that it says “2 weeks remaining” at the top of the screen for Week 13 of Operation 1. That doesn’t seem right either.

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As far as the changes made to movement in gears 5, did the complaints of “sponging” (people certainly DO MISS however) come into play when making the game generally slower and changing the aim assit mechanics?

Is there a significant technical hurdle to allowing a hyper bounce playstyle in regards to hit detection?

I remember a while ago you mentioned on stream that client side lag compensation (predictive enemy placement) wasn’t working as well under certain circumstances, is this still the case with Gears 5?

A more gameplay related question : Can you PLEASE drastically increase the timer of enemies reacting to downs on higher Horde difficulties? Right now, it’s literally impossible to revive someone if you’re not right next to them if an enemy that won’t punch downed allies is going for the downed person. And that is not ok, especially when the person going for the revive is then standing next to the one who’s being killed and can’t do anything about it because the player counts as “dead” when they are clearly still alive as soon as the execution animation begins. You’ve done this for Escape so I really do not see why we have to put up with already insta downing enemies that do not allow you to move around at all outside the base(which is an entirely different issue that you should address), and then some f’ing(excuse me for the implied swear word but I just can’t stand the stupid things, they are just annoying) Leech decides you’re not going to live and it turns unkillable when it’s not even done anything to you yet and could still be saved from it, from which you’re also not allowed to defend yourself even though you can still hold off a man sized Drone trying to punch your head in after being downed, while no one was able to get to you in time because there’s Leeches everywhere on wave 1-5 or 6 on the wave set where they spawn and every enemy immediately decides to try killing you nearly the second you go down, which is just ridiculous in Horde. At least give players more of an opportunity to save a down.

And speaking of Leeches in Horde - either significantly reduce their numbers or remove them outright from the mode. They are literally the most pointless and annoying enemy in it right next to Juvies. Their only purpose is to be annoying, heat-seeking, laser guided missiles that follow you through a roll or while you’re running away from them and to kill anyone that gets downed by the ridiculous Hammerburst Drones that shoot you down as soon as you poke your head out as soon as they are downed without even leaving a teammate a chance to react or for yourself to fend off the stupid thing.


So glad Im not the only one but then again that was obvious I mean I get a lot of those and they want to be toxic and flood my unreads and its quite annoying another thing will be I got what 27 kills and the other has hmm 36? and they will proceed to bomb my inbox telling me to uninstall the game multiple times sometimes the low levels BELOW ME even do it I surely hope you and others dont have this as often
#solorankedbecauseIhavenogearsofwarfriends :<

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Pleeeease bring the slide speed back up. We should not be punished for learning how to wall bounce, it feels pointless to wall bounce now.

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Slide speed should be restored when not bouncing, but kept the same when bouncing.

The hyper bounce in gears 4 was dumb. It’s better being toned down in 5.


@N0DEZER0 will the hammerburst II ever return as a loadout if its retuned cause i dont think ppl pick it up on the map at all even in its more powerful state … Also how come we dont have The hammer burst 1 Auto Rifle in MP

Del and Fahz need a Gilded version. Lizzie too :wink:

I hope you all are enjoying the Operation 2 reveal. The team worked really hard on creating it.

I won’t have time to be on the forums for a while. I need to address some personal issues.

See you online.