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Seriously, please review the ridiculous matchmaking.

All night you’ve paired me with noobs with absolutely no common sense.

How am I supposed to win when my stupid teammates are going 2-12 and such. Running in getting themselves lancered down all the time. They just keep doing the same thing over and over.

Also spawn flips are broken. Had a game where my team was spawn trapped for two rounds. They never flipped.

I’ve also spawn trapped teams and their spawns never flipped. The only time they flip is for no reason at all. They never flip when it’s needed.

It irritated me that you guys yet again said your system makes fair matches. You seemed extremely confident in that.

Your algorithm isn’t showing you the real picture.

I implore TCs developers to play as a solo or duo in public matchmaking for a few hours, so you can see how unfair the matches really are.

Unless there’s some code in gears that purposely puts members of the forums who give you grief into horrible matches, something is wrong.

Please, for the sake of my sanity, try it for yourselves. Not based on algorithms, based on real matches.

I know this may sound harsh, but it needs to be said. All week @JekyllBeast and I have been put into lobsided matches.

We’re always top of our teams with me at 18>25 kills on average and @JekyllBeast at 10>16. Whilst our teammates are rarely in the double digits.

This is yet more proof of the huge skill gap in the players you’re pairing us with.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if the other team had some total noobs on it to balance it out, but that rarely happens.

PS: just had another match with someone spamming the laugh emote constantly. It’s the first time I’ve quit a game. It’s both obnoxious and infuriating and you need to figure out how people are bypassing the cooldown.

The fact that you can hear it from anywhere on the map as loud as hell doesn’t help. Because it’s so annoying, it also gives the team doing it an advantage, as it makes it impossible to concentrate due to its obnoxious nature.



Are you Huge man ? did you change your nickname ? = )

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He is.


oh ok man . thanks , I got confused.

Thanks again.

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Because in the first game you were favored to win and went 2-1 and in the second you weren’t and went 2-0.

So if you’re favored to win from the outset the increase in points is less if you win as it is expected.
If you’re not then you get much more as it means you outperformed your current level.

I get that part, what I dont get is the point value. I performed better on the Vasgar game and got 21 points for the first round mean while on the Foundation game I get 332 points in the first round. It makes no sense

Not entirely sure but it works on a round by round basis. Could be the round was close, and although you performed better overall in Vasgar, that round you may not have relative to the skills of the other players.
Without seeing ranks in game of all players is still difficult to say how people are playing relative to their own level.

Foundation, against higher level opponents you could have just had a much better round, as the players you were against should be giving harder competition.

I’ll admit it’s not super clear, but the concept behind it works for game theory and algorithms, they just aren’t showing us that yet.

Im just tired of the drastic point swings I get. The most I get for winning is no more than 500. But when I lose Im losing thousands of points. Its stupid. They said they fixed this but its not fixed.


I’m really interested to see how you can possibly defend the game for scoring me negatively for that insane match. That entire game was me vs their entire team, my team could barely walk out of spawn. You have to understand there’s only so much a single player can do with air heads for teammates. I’m still in disbelief


lmfao I’m dead! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The ranking system was probably expecting you to get 2048 elims with a side order of fries in that match. System was definitely not impressed by your performance to give you -16pts.

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Thank you for your reply.

The game literally expects the world from me, i’m slowly losing points every game i play despite being top of my scoreboard EVERY game (literally not exaggerating) whether i win or lose. It really puts me off playing ranked in Gears 5 knowing no matter how good i do i just lose points


Because rank is broken

Yea. I know how you feel. Rank is still broken

Has there been any thoughts on changing the ranking system to look at eliminations and not kills? A lot for these problems are people looking at eliminations and thinking they’re kills. They also get the points for the eliminations but the skill system doesn’t register them correct? Feel like that would make the system a bit more lenient as well. Right now I still think it’s to hard to move to have people see progression when they hit the gold and silver ranks

I pitched this a few times and think it’s a solid idea. A sniper variant Kait could even keep the stealth Ult with cards helping to make it impactful for a sniper role. That way she keeps some consistency and ot jives with TC’s hive connection rationale. I’ve got a few pages of skill cards written up for kicks.

Variants for any existing characters would allow much less work creating. They could share cards, have similar or identical Ults and already have full voice sets.

Edit: Node may have acknowledged the suggestion, though it wasn’t a confirmation or anything.

There’s no hive mind connection thing going in Horde. Instead, it’s some sort of cloak generator, which isn’t visible on Kait’s model in Horde. Node does state in the post where he says this that they initially went with the Swarm connection thing but scrapped the idea later on. Because of confusion around Jack’s cloak… which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. How would someone not be able to differentiate between a cloaked floating bot and a human?

@N0DEZER0 You said we shouldn’t be seeing thousands of point swings after the fixes went live.

But it’s still happening. Can you explain why this is still an issue and if it will be fixed for TU3?

The loss bias is far too high. It’s not fair to lose anywhere from 700>1500 (max I’ve seen) points for a loss when you can gain nowhere near that for a win.

I’ve had a 800 point loss for MVP too. The loss/gain ratio should be the same. It’s hugely biased towards loss still.

It causes a situation where you can have gained 600 points in total from 4 MVP games for instance, but still MVP or play well in the next game and completely lose all the points you gained in the previous 4 games. That is very harsh, do you agree?

I didn’t see this brought up in the ranking podcast.




So I noticed that the camera is zooming in and out on the character.

The character stands still. And if you just hold the joystick forward the camera zooms out. If you release the joystick the camera zooms back in. Same with running.

I do believe this causes a lot of miss judged shots hipfiring. Because everytime the player moves the camera is in different location behind the player. This probably causes nausea as well. Its really annoying. Please fix this problem with the camera.

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Sorry If this was mentioned before, I did not see it, so will quickly mention just in case. There is a glitch now that if you host a Horde Custom Lobby, all your skins and custom executions will not load, everything will be default.

This seems to happen when you launch the game before anyone joins your lobby(i.e. all bots). It also seems to happen if you join someone else’s match in progress. Hoping this can be addressed in a TU soon. Thanks & keep up the great work! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s Gears 5 time!

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