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I watched the pod cast and still am a little confused.

How does a performance like this

End up with this kind of score

I obviously performed every round and played the hill and got plenty of kills. I dont understand the 21 and negative 28 point rounds then get 435 for 1 round. This doesnt make sense

Meanwhile a game like this

Results in this


Hey! I see me in one of those screenies

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Just more proof of me carrying you lol


Me and my mates only have one escape map on master left to 100% the operation / medals. So we will be at 100% soon. When we made the plan to 100% the medals, we had most of the medals already, so we decided to complete just all. We thought that if you guys plan to create an achievement in the future to 100% the medals in an operation, it might be retroactive. It would save us alot of time and sweat, so PLEASE consider to make such an achievement RETROACTIVE. The medal where you have to master 10 weekly escape maps, is soooo time consuming. IMO people who want to 100% the future operations still can do it if they want, but people who 100% this first operation and cant always spent so much time, should deserve such an achievement retroactively. Please put it onto the priority list on number one, before everything else discussed in this thread ;D

Now that this thread exists and know that someone from TC really reads our messages, i chose to write this text and make my first comment in the forums. Thanks for taking note.

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Maybe not the place, but wanted to say that I love your gamer pic. Good choice.

Read em and weep bish


even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while



The right place, the right time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yea i dont care about messin with the people in a party But Having the solo People be able talk like gears 4 had in a pre lobby gears 5 does not even have this or its like you say no one is using the mic

Just curious, does my personal performance/expectations of a match regarding how many rank points I get have anything to do with my leaderboard stats or is it to do with my opponents/teammates rankings. All my stats for KOTH are Top 1% to 9% so does that mean my expected performance is always going to be high even if I’m on the unfavoured team?

I had a match of KOTH where my team had 43,000 rank points and the enemy team had 69,000 rank points, so a 26,000 difference. My personal rank points equated for almost half my team meaning I had four bronze or low silver ranks on my team against a team of I assume gold to onyx players. Unfortunately I can only do so much by myself with awful teammates so what the game expects me to achieve is a bit unrealistic if it’s basing its expectations off my stats instead of the players in that select match.

I ended up getting kicked out of masters back to diamond 3 for that match even though the odds were heavily stacked against me and I performed better than anyone else in that game, almost tripling my teammates captures and eliminations who was second below me on the scoreboard.

Can you please re-evaluate your recent koth point change?

If ranking cant track caps and breaks then ranking needs to be fixed to accommodate this. Nerfing the points for such may reflect ranking better, but is inherently incorrect in the objective mode.
De-incentivising people from playing the objective basically makes this unlimited tdm and not an objective mode as the koth names suggests.

One of the games issues IS people just playing for kills and refusing to play the objective and actually help the team. This is now incentivised and mvp/rank wise is the optimal way to play the game.

If this was done to help stop some spurious issue with people ‘abusing’ caps (which obviously helped the team win) then what is going to be done about the much more prevalent issue of useless players just playing for kills and avoiding breaks or caps to keep their kd up?
This is a much worse issue,as it actively contributes to a loss.


Couldn’t agree more.

Caps are now worth as much as marking someone. Breaks are worth 1/3rd of marking someone.

When playing without a full stack in Koth the biggest issue is teammates that don’t seem to realise a Hill even exists. This issue is gonig to be worse now that people get 10% of the score they used to for playing the objective.


Perhaps fabricator only has…shields…weapon lockers…fences…decoys…and any weapon available to buy…ammo boxes maybe have ammo in them🙄

I have an entire folder titled “Out-scored RED”

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I bet you do lol

Just because you say “folder” doesnt mean a thing. if I were to screen shot all our matches together I’d probably have about 1gb worth of pics

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The folder itself is of a bigger size than all the files in it combined. :rofl:


@N0DEZER0 Now i have seen with my eyes that the Warden hammer damage hitting the floor needs a tune cause i basically got killed post hit to the ground and i was 5 feet far enough away to not die but did

Hi Ryan,
Can we please get a thread with the map design team so we can discuss in depth the current…philosophy used when designing maps and to go over some of the odd decisions that have led to the current lancer heavy map set ups?

I did have a whole thing written with comparison pictures, but the laptops gone kaput and my phones ancient so I cant post it now.

Personally I want to talk about what the team consider ‘complex’ cover and what they consider to be ‘lots’ of cover. I was going to compare some pics of older maps and show how empty the last 2 gears’s seem to be and also go over how the old maps used cover to make pushes possible.

Without the pics this falls a bit flat as feedback, but try looking at the right hand of mausoleum and seeing how cover filled it is AND how the cover provides cover from the overlook/high ground. This level of complexity and tbh the lots of fun playing on it, are absent from gears 4 and 5 maps.

So could we get a whole thread on this?

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I doubt that’ll ever happen, but will definitely be down with that.

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