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We actually do have the communication aspect factored in when matchmaking. When you play as a squad, two, three, four or five, your effective skill is modified based on many people are in your team. It’s calculated based on an AI algorithm that looks at all the matches ever played to determine how much being on those team sizes impacts winning.

I see. The context + video makes more sense. I think we have this logged, but I will double check.

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The programmers are aware and working hard on fixing any crashes.

What more could we do to help the PC players?

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Quitters make the game worse for everyone, it makes it really hard to judge performance.

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You can trade weapons with other players.

I do wish that we could make this work. I think proximity chat is cool. But tbh these days, not a lot of people talk on live games anymore. I remember when there used to be so much talking in lobbies, but now, I rarely hear someone. Most people that play in squad, are on party chat. We can’t pull them out of party chat.

What we could potentially do is layer it on top. Hmm. I’ll think about this.


Are you saying you want voice proximity or typing chat proximity?

I’d have to sit down and do a deep dive on it. I’m not sure what is technically possible in the game vs just what happens frequently / infrequently. There wasn’t an intention to be less gory.

I’ll look into when I have more time.


I’m really sorry but that kind of support is really more the community team or the xbox support team. I have so much Gears 5 to respond to here and to develop the game, I don’t really have time to do Gears 4 support.

Tagging @TC_Octus again.

I’m not sure when the fix will be but it will retroactively fix it when it goes in. Sorry I don’t have more details for you.

We put all of the medals into medal groups so that on the last medal you’d still get the medal group reward.

We probably should put something in at some point, but I’m blown away by anyone who has 100%'d the tour. We’ll see what we can do.


I would love that. I can’t say one way or the other about future potential products.

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When I have some time I’ll do it. I’m trying to figure out a way to do polls that can span both the forums and twitter but still be super easy to do for the voters.

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Can I get some clarity on the thread. Are you talking about text chat or voice chat? Sorry if this is somewhere in the thread. It’s late here.

Text chat.

The specific question was if it was intentionally disabled to prevent players abusing the other team, and if not why has global text chat never been functional in either the tech test or gears 5 since launch?

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Ok. Sorry I couldn’t get to all of them tonight. It’s late and I need some sleep.



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Same man, the winter kait pad looks sick but without paddles, it’s jus not a gears pad, massive oversight by MS :roll_eyes:

This does not seem like a very strong argument to just throwing a Scout role on her, to me, when her preferences for combat in Ascendance are clearly mentioned to be taking out targets from longer range, preferably without them being aware. A hunter, if you will. Just being out in the wild, JD and Del could do that as well. Some dialogue in 5s Campaign clearly indicates JD and Del were out in the Deadlands during their COG training, so they’d clearly know how to survive in the wild as well, in fairly harsh conditions. Just say you wanted a stealth role on her for which you threw a Shotgun based Scout role on her, it would be a better and more straightforward reason if that’s just what you intended for her, because they work together better.

This also leads me to a question - what are the chances of seeing different variants to a character, like, oh I don’t know, a Sniper role for Kait fitting her overall lore or combat preferences more? People have asked about this or suggested it in this very thread before. But unless I missed it, I didn’t see that particular idea covered.

Most pointless bug that doesn’t need fixing;
When carrying a heavy weapon, you cannot pick up placed grenades but you can pick up dropped grenades.