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k. We will look at the quickplay settings and see if we can do better.

We are going to be doing a deeper audit of our networking to put together deeper analysis to get to the bottom of some of these issues.


Thank you !


I’ve found the other main issue that deters me from enjoying this game. It’s Gears 5’s overall Gnasher consistency and aiming mechanics. I only just realized this when I decided to hop on Gears 4 after playing a few hours on Gears 5 since it’s the better, more close-to-home Gears game, in my opinion.

What I noticed was that the Gears 4 Gnasher felt very consistent compared to Gears 5’s Gnasher, and I would get feedback whenever I shot an enemy. I could tell if I hurt them or not, and my shots and pellets were landing more prominently than the Gears 5 Gnasher even though I play the same sensitivity on both games. On Gears 5 I’d play and aim just like I would on Gears 4 and wouldn’t receive any feedback for the majority of my shots. They’re either ghost shots or I end up hitting 1-2 pellets even though they’re in the center of my reticle or screen while they hit me for every pellet when I’m nowhere near their barrel. Hell, they’ll four-point me from mid-range and land every pellet while mine only lands 1-2 pellets every single time, even at point-blank range. I wouldn’t mind hitting 1-2 pellets at mid-range if everyone else did, but apparently everyone else’s Gnasher spread is smaller and more accurate than mine at every range.

I know you and TC are proud of this Gnasher, but it’s just very inconsistent. I win the majority of my battles in Gears 4 with ease, but it’s the opposite on Gears 5 because the Gnasher feels like it’s loaded with marshmallows, but more than half of the loaded marshmallows are already eaten. In my opinion, this Gnasher just isn’t up to snuff compared to previous Gnashers like Gears 3 and 4. It’s inconsistent and is rather buggy, hence the ghost shots and 1-2 pellet close/medium-range shots and point-blanks. There’s just something that doesn’t feel right about this Gnasher, other than the inconsistency. What I can say about the Gears 5 Gnasher is that when it works, it feels great, but that’s pretty damn rare.

I have a few examples, although some shots I might’ve been a bit off, but I’d atleast expect a few pellets to land if I missed by a little bit. (Ignore the wallbouncing. Watch the shots and playback in 0.25 speed at the questionable shots.)

1st Clip: I miss the first shot on Batista, hit a decent second shot, and then wait for the line-up when he finishes his roll, yet only hit 2 pellets while his body was near the middle of my reticle.

2nd Clip: Baited the Sarah Connor into up-A’ing so I can gib her, yet I didn’t get a single pellet off of the point-blank, and then I shot a second shot soon after to retaliate, but her body somehow swallowed the shot whole, and guess what? No pellets hit or damage done whatsoever from either shot. Those shots would’ve easily killed or four-pointed him on Gears 4.

3rd Clip: Rode the wall for the first shot which came out at 0:04, yet it somehow missed (Might’ve been too high, but it was headshot height). then went for the 2nd shot which also missed apparently, only for the 3rd shot to miss completely as well even though both shots were spot-on (Not sure if the 3rd shot went through him or he somehow ended up under it). No damage done whatsoever out of every shot. Again, would’ve killed or atleast damaged him on Gears 4.



This is a joke right? So higher skilled players have to wait for everyone else to play catch up, and THEN and only THEN can they get to their actual rank that reflects their skill?

This ranking system gets more ludicrous by the minute.

I’m sorry for the tone, but the more I hear about how crazy this was designed, the more annoyed it makes me.

You guys seriously need to start over for season 2. Go back to the drawing board. This system is illogical and exceptionally flawed.


You do not need to wait for lower skill players. Once the mid tier get closer to wher ethey should be, you will be able to ‘stand on them’ so to speak.

When more mid-to-high players start going up, you can ‘stand on them’ so to speak.

You do NOT need to wait for low skill players to get to where you will be.

This was a tuning issue. I totally get the frustration, and this will be fully fixed for Season 2.

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I didn’t say anything about low skill players.

I said “wait for everyone else to catch up”, meaning everyone basically. As you decided yet again to place such a huge skill range of players within 2 ranks.

Right. Sorry, I misread. But you don’t need for everyone to catch up, it’s just that the higher end players are in a ‘thinner’ space right now. If you play against them, it will be fine.

If may only be a few more matches and it will stabilize. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Which mode did you main in Gears 4?

As I said before, I was masters before and can probably get there again.

The only reason I keep making these posts is that I feel sorry for the low>mid ranked players who are having to face insurmountable odds to get where their real skill level is.

As you have anywhere from bronze>masters in bronze > silver now, again, they are having to face players so much more skilled than they are, that they’re just going to keep getting slaughtered and losing points.

So that silver 2 player who is in the right place due to their skill ceiling, is going to be bronze 1, due to the battering they’re going to take.

They’ll also be so demoralised by this that they’ll stop playing.

See my point?


I do, but it doesn’t quite work like that. Due to the personal performance aspect, it looks more like the masters players are doing exceptionally well and they will move quickly out of silver.

We have also structured the matchmaking to support the faster separation once the differences are known.

I take your point. We’ll look at the data. After the first few days, any returning bronze or silver player won’t really see many high end players anymore.


I’ll hope for the communities sake, that is how it’s going to work in reality, not just on paper :+1:

You know that before the reset, this wasn’t true at all right? I’ve had a lot of bronze and silver players in my games when I was at master rank, and know others like @Fragmented_Wolf who has been paired with bronze players too in masters.

Thanks for the replies :+1:

Before the reset, the system was broken with some very bad data. It made the ranks pretty random. We needed the reset to clear it out.

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Well if that issue doesn’t happen anymore, that’ll be a big fix.

So kudos if true :+1:

I didn’t get to play on my main account tonight, but did still the huge point swings after koth placements on my other account. I know I said I was done, but I love gears so much and it pains me that I even was brought to the point of saying that.

So I’ll keep plodding on for now.

I’ll give this issue a rest now for a week and see how things go after things have settled down.

I’m interested in hearing updates about the no damage gnasher shots though. Please let us know if you home in on the root cause of the issue. It’s still a huge problem.

I got a great clip of it tonight that I can upload it you want to see it?

Hoping for the best.
Have a nice evening.

You lost…that’s why.


Why is switching weapons slower in Gears 5 compared to Gears 4? I ask this because in Gears 4 if you were picking up a power weapon and someone started lancering you, you could switch before going down now you cant

Also in KoTH why are break not at least 1/2 the value of caps? They are just as important and a lot of times people die trying to break


Alright played a bit today and it was just one of those bad days for gaming period. Something is off. It’s like the game play was tweaked and I have to find that grove. Knifing has gone down but people are still doing it. The pings were all closer together as well which was nice but it felt like the other team always had a connection edge.

Ranked wise it looks like things are going right least on my end. Lots and lots of roadie running today. One guy on asylum blew through three of us with run and pop. Which fine whatever.

I’m gonna play more tomorrow and just see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Feel free to keep posting constructive criticism Or the video you mention.


I’ll get that video uploaded later today then.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, as it happens multiple times a game now.


Small question about a minor thing regarding character skins with features covering aspects of or their entire face(Desert Armor Kait[and other alike skins], Grenadiers/the Warden). Would it be doable to have the option to play those without say, the goggles or the helmet on? However you do that. The various models certainly already exist in Campaign(and Horde/Escape for the Grenadiers/Warden).