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Can you please touch on Matchmaking a bit more? I listened to the Gear In The Machine podcast and it sounds like there is skill-based matchmaking but I have too many horror stories with randoms to not be skeptical.

Below is a thread I created where I, a Masters rank player among top 10%, got matched with a lvl 2 non re-up, and another player who hadn’t even finished his placement matches yet (And yes, this is in ranked where there is supposedly a tighter tolerance?)

An example was given in the podcast where, in phase three I believe, TC plans to custom tune each region so matchmaking best caters to their regions. There was mention of hypothetically lowering the skill requirement here, increasing it there, etc.

Are the global settings right now simply favored to match as fast as possible with no regard to skill? Are they incredibly loose right now? Again, I couldn’t get over getting matched with a lvl 2 with probably 15 minutes of experience…


Cool, thanks for taking the time to come here. I have a question about horde: a lot of us have loved the shorter format of Mad Man’s Monsters and would like to see something similar as a permanent mode. Are there or could there be plans for such a thing in the future?


Also a mode that gets rid of class ties and makes horde better. The current horde is not fun at all. I have tried it, quite a lot but the biggest flaw is the classes being tied to characters. Please have options.


Thank you. This has been a heavily requested feature :slight_smile:


Porting some Gears 4 character skins over to 5 so we have some more craftable character skins. I understand it’s not as easy as I’m making it seem, but a new craftable character skin or two each week should be a must. So maybe a thread on which skins people want brought over from the characters currently in game (Vintage Kait FTW)


Sure. One of the problems right now is that the skill ratings are using old data. When we are going to do the ranked reset, it will also switch over to using skill ratings calculated based on all the games since launch. It will be much more accurate. It will also depend on when you play, what region and what time. The system will relax some of the skill tightness in order to create matches in places where people are having a harder time finding them.

We hope do avoid the situations like you have described above. For most regions it should be fine.


Welcome! I created my Twitter just for Gears. Played in the last 4 developer streams, Lot of great flowing ideas. I just mentioned one on Twitter. I won’t bombard you here too. I am in a really laggy Escalation match right now. Its hella frustrating but I’m trying to get through it. Starting play pro. Gears is the only game I play. Its different than anything else and I want it to thrive!

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We have a lot of plans for shorter horde variants and a permanent shooter playlist. We didn’t have time to tune it well before launch so we are still working on it. The events will generally be shorter as we know it’s a format that’s popular.


Eh, why not link it to here so my fellow gear heads can tell me what they think too.

The group beat down occurs quite often as I have done it and it’s been done to me hundreds of times. Depending on the number of participants different animations and such. All 5 grab all 5 limbs and pull…4 do some other crazy thing. It would be sweet I think.

Some of that could be alleviated if each character had multiple possible builds, the fabricator was unlocked, and there was more variety in horde types. Like you said, more options.

Could you clarify what you mean? What “old data” is there if the “new data” is from launch day? Does that mean we will still carry over all our stats from before the reset? Will our pre-reset data impact our new rank after we’ve done the placement matches, potentially getting us all put into silver all over again? Or is that the way it’s supposed to be, everyone starting from the same place, since you mentioned in the matchmaking podcast that ranked was supposed to be a “journey”? Thanks.


Thanks for coming here.

Can we please have a serious discussion about aim adhesion without twisting it to sound like we’re asking for aim assist as a whole to be removed?

Every time it is mentioned on the developer stream, it devolves into “every game has aim assist! We didn’t create it, it was in all the gears games!”.

We know that aim assist was in every gears game. We’re talking about the new “adhesion” feature specifically. Even the people who are saying “remove aim assist!1!1” are talking about adhesion.

They just don’t know the technical terms and are asking you the wrong question as a result. Obviously, removing aim assist as a whole would be ridiculous.

This adhesion feature really lowers the skill gap though. The way aim assist worked in gears, before this “adhesion” feature was introduced worked fine.

I hope that didn’t come across as negative, as that wasn’t my intention. It’s just frustrating how the adhesion subject is always avoided by deflection.

Would love to have a real discussion about it with TC, as I’m sure many people here would also.

I also appreciate how adhesion was toned down a bit recently. I feel it needs to be reduced further though. I’d prefer it removed entirely, but am happy to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for your time


Thank you guys! I like playing Horde. But 50 waves is too grindy for me. If I start another match at 10pm, I won’t be done till like 0:30am or so…

But thanks again for hearing feedback, and changing the game for the better! I know there’s a lot of negativity and toxic people around here…

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Hey @N0DEZER0, thanks for taking the time and effort to post this thread up. I/We appreciate it.


I just don’t understand how staring at dels butt is any different than a Marcus butt. If you are bored of horde how will this affect the gameplay?

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Your best idea was the Core & Comp split.

Gears 4 KOTH Core was the best tuning for Gears before the final tweak of no health regen while bouncing.

So it was underwhelming to see that go due to the negative reception by a lot of players - even though some of us don’t care for competitive play or eSports.

Gears 5 has struck a good balance but the Markza Nerf was too much - it’s ruined the gun.

Apart from that,

Gears 5 just needs more content.

The maps are very basic and limited - it feels like you just play the same ones over and over.

Content is lacking massively - no real skins or customisations per se.

Look at the eSports content.

Very weak, two characters and not even the complete Chrome Steel Weapon Set has been offered yet.

Just my 2 cents.


Hello Ryan
Thank you for open this channel.

I’ve been reading somewhere (maybe twitter) that you guys have made some tweaks to proper adjust matchmaking time in some regions.

In our region servers (south america/ Brazil) we´ve been playing with an average of 10-20ms, but this weekend looks like every match was hosted by East US servers. Every single player on the match are southern americans with 120ms+ and every match was placed in the same servers, invariably.

I’m asking just to know if there was some South American server tests, or maybe its just a player alocation error.

Thank you!

They are working on the solution for Brazilian Players:


It’s a 3-PhaseUpdate,

Tomorrow should be phase 2 I believe.

I’m sorry you’re not having any fun. Are there two issues?

  1. It’s not fun
  2. You don’t like heroes as classes


Is the gameplay fun but you don’t like playing because you can’t play the character you want?