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Hey @N0DEZER0,

Not sure if you answered this question when it was previously asked, or if I just missed it, but do you guys have any plans on making another weapon skin community design contest like you did for Gears 4?

Also, any chance you can upload the gnasher/lancer templates that you did during the contest for Gears 4?

And thanks for keeping up with the thread. Appreciate it.


I think that’s people just getting lost in semantics again.

I assume wrap shots are possible due to bullet magnetism?

Constructive feedback on the Inverse Omen. It’s too opaque, it’s very distracting and displeasing to the eye. The blood effects around the edges cover the field of view to a point where there is more fighting of the screen effects than there is the opponent. The other omen was much better in this regard and the new omen was an unneeded change. The stim effect could easily be replaced by a bar underneath the weapon area at the top right that just says Stim with a bar next to it and it can fill or be empty. The ice effect doesn’t really need to be on screen damage, it can just be shown on the character model itself with the regular omen showing the damage as usual.
There was no issue with the old omen using weapons like the sniper, boltok, and markza.
If you wanted to make it better for said ‘precision’ weapons then you could’ve just toned down the opacity of the regular omen a bit and it would’ve solved the problem instead of making the screen fill with distracting dark opaque red that hinders vision on all sides.
Thank you.



So, About the movement/game feeling.
I feel as if the movement is to slow, compared to how the player uses the controller. If the player pushes the joystick in any direction as far as possible. It still feels like only half the input is being utilized. The player expects to get twice as much response.
It might be how the speed accelaration of the movement is implemented, compared to how much input is used by the joysticks when pushed. There is some feedback that is missing for the player.

It might be that the animations of the character are to slowly played. The animations are awsome, but the player have to wait for the animations to finish playing before the next input could be activated. This also includes the gnasher.
The animations of the gnasher might be to slow, from what is expected from the player.
Iam not saying the player cannot do all the different moves and such. Its just that the player have to play with the animations rather than animations playing with the player.
And this causes the feeling of input delay. Shots ending up in wierd places. Because the time it takes for the gnasher animation to end up where the player expects it to be, the cone to be aligned the shoot to come out.

This is also the case when players wallbouce the animations and the gnasher does not seem to play out as expected from the player. Causing a feeling of input delay.

Another wierd thing with animations/camera is when a player is doing a fast rodie strafing. turning 45 degrees to shoot. Its like the camera doesn’t follow that movement when the character sways.
It makes it almost impossible to hit a certain shoot. Its a lotto shoot. because the camera is way to slow compared to the player inputs. And i play on 30.30.

Its hard to explain all this when I dont have the game up to test it out. To be able to be more specific. Iam just typing from my memory of playing this game. I do belive theres something with how long it takes for an animation to finish playing, how the camera follows the character to how the player receives feedback from inputs using the controller.

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Very much appreciated on your thoughts! And yes! If you guys can figure out a way to matchmake players with different characters that could definitely work too!

Also one more thing is it possible to make the normal Lancer obtainable in Horde I mean if it’s still an internal decision amongst your team that it should be exclusive to Marcus I understand but then again I can still obtain the Enforcer without being Del. So is it possible to have the Lancer?

Also I’d like you to know many of us understand the time and process that goes into the fixes of the multiplayer. It’s frustrating for all of us but we appreciate the open communication!

Also looking forward to seeing Cole Baird and Dom added in the next Operation


Why was their a backwards step when it comes to customisations?

In Gears 4 - you could have two separate loadouts, one for CoG and one for Swarm.

That meant that those of us who had all the esports skins could mix and match for COG and Swarm separately.

You pay so much for the skins only to now in 5 be locked down to ONE lancer skin and so on.

Whereas at least in 4, it would be two.

Is this something that can be brought back?


Please check out my thread on feedback for the Inverse Omen.

It has over 800 replies.

The vast majority of the reaction is obviously negative.

The main take away is that it needs to be toned down.

You could literally have the large cog without the needs to ANY of the red UI around the screen.

Or give us the choice.

Just the health indicator or HI + UI.

This and also, give Marcus the custom lancer for horde. Since he had it in the first act and usable to the player.

Hi mate
I know (assume ) you are not a Horde player. We actually had 3 different load outs. :slight_smile:

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First act? As in the campaign?

Aha, yeah. my oversight since I don’t play horde :sweat_smile:

But correct you are!

I was hoping for a per character level of customisation.

But at least COG/Swarm should be a thing imo.


Have you ever considered removing eliminations from ranked at least? The game feels less challenging when everyone is dropping 10+ eliminations a game

The group I play Hill in have a couple of players who score on average 60-70 and hit over 100 several times an evening session. I generally hit around 50-70. These are based on a 3 round game though. I agree that it does seem cheap and not as gratifying at kills on previous Gears. Luckily I play objective modes so I’m more interested in breaks and captures, but with that said if the team are dead they can’t cap the ring!

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Meatshield does not block explosions nor does it block melee

Executions take to long to start performing. there has to be a quicker way to start performing an execution. And also there have to be faster executions.


Last question for you @N0DEZER0. A few of my friends and myself are unhappy with the current state Gears 5 is in. So we decided to go back to Gears 4 in the meantime until you guys have ironed out some of the issues. We decided to play some ranked and noticed that the ability to vote for which map you want to play has been removed. It just randomly assigns you a map to play on. Why was this feature removed from Gears 4 after the launch of 5? Was it a small measure taken to get people over to Gears 5?


To be fair, 1 shot from a shotgun (or a rifle for that matter) should down someone pretty instantly.
Personally, I’m not a fan of making Gear’s gameplay more realistic. I think it is leading to some OP combat options

To be fair, that number of shots would also require taking into account how resistant armor is, and spots not covered by it or other protective stuff and some other things Gears doesn’t model in PvP or for player characters and some of the PvE enemies. But arguing realism for PvP is just going to… not really take balancing into account. More like, screw it over completely. So I wouldn’t really expect anyone to think of that when balancing a feature in it.

Though, to be fair, Serans appear to be… less squishy than your average Earth human, or I’m just getting that impression because their armor keeps saving their a… you get the idea. Kait seems off awfully fine after getting hit by various things which seem rather damaging, if not outright lethal, just a short while after getting hit by them and not doing anything about potential injuries those things might’ve caused. But you haven’t played any Campaigns so you wouldn’t know this stuff.


So another thought i was having…

Its about PVE this time.
Escape and Horde have different difficulties.
One of the main changes when changing difficulty is that weapons gets weaker against enemies. Or as other like to put it, the enemies gets more health.

How about giving the enemies some color variation depending on how spongy they are… one example could be darker enemies have more health. so the more health they have the darker they get. This would also be visually explaining for people watching clips or streams on people doing PVE. People can instanly tell someone is playing on insane rather then on normal.

That’s being to a little to harsh, granted I get your frustrations as much as the next guy, but the game has solid potential, kinks need to be worked out and it will be a great game. I know the term ‘will be’ is a bit rough to get by, I get that.

But at the end of the day it’s Gears and I can feel it when I play Gears 5 that’s it’s close to being awesome. It has so many minor issues that make it a major issue. But the fact their MP Director is here hearing feedback is a good sign, as long as he’s taking our feedback to heart. Which I think and hope he is.

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10% Damage, It takes the Lancer 11-13 and that’s a bullet, a knife is not stronger then a bullet. Tbh you could remove the melee from pvp entirely and majority of us wouldn’t miss it.

“Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”

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You mean a trade? :slight_smile: we think that trades are fair, but players have historically been very upset when they trade and we got overwhelming feedback to let the low ping player win.