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Hi Ryan @N0DEZER0

I do thank you for your response and I hope that you are ok :slight_smile:

Yes Ryan if you could be able to implement that like Classic Horde in which there are no classes and we could be able to take any weapons we like from the fabricator that would be a BLAST !! , even more if you make it a permanente addition I could assure you a lot of players would come to Gears 5 and stay there, even I would leave alone Gears 4 and stay more and play more Gears 5 , you can count me in ! = )

Little things like this Ryan , like stripping out the limitations and allowing the players to do whatever they want to do on Horde its the true nature and force of Gears of War, and doing that would mean the world for the game . I would definitely support it more and even buy more stuff from the store , since the developer company its caring more for the gaming community that do like and spend a lot of time on the game and its providing the game modes that do give the feeling of Gears of War.

As a side note the graphics from the game look awesome and I do like it very much, congrats on that part of the game… however if you could be able to add that classic horde with no limitations on weapons or classes , that will make me your permanent customer.

Thanks Ryan and I do agree that this communication between the people that create the game as well as the gaming community that push the game to its limits could be beneficial to both parties.

Kind Regards.

Daniel Zúñiga.

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Personal question: not necessarily inquiring what TC’s future plans are, but have you ever thought what it might be like if you guys worked on a non-Gears game - new IP or otherwise?

The tuning feels more core than it does competitive when it comes to the shotgun and lancer. I’m a huge strafe user and trying to do so in core for 4 was pointless because all it takes is 2 shots from a ridiculously long range and gears 5 doesn’t feel any different. There’s barely any unique play styles anymore when it comes to the gnasher but hard aim or wallbounce. Roadie strafe and just regular strafing are barely used. If the roadie strafe delay gets taken out it will be used much more and people would be happy. Idk what can be done for regular strafing except more damage fall off and reduced gib range.

The lancer on the other hand in competitive was more supportive but it was still effective. With some of the maps the way they are in gears 5 it is damn near impossible to push a decent team that are set up already. It becomes a boring camp fest. Maybe lower the damage a bit or get rid of stopping power completely to compensate. And another thing I really don’t think the lancer should do is headshot damage as it is not a precision weapon.

Competitive tuning was perfect to me as it was a higher skill gap and just more fun. I know you can’t make everybody happy but it’s worth a shot to have say in the matter. These are my opinions and thanks for listening.

Thanks for the reply. It would be activated by the any player with the beatdown(multiple hit) execution equipped. The executions that take over 7 seconds. Ie face punch, but kick, repeated face smash. One performing any of those trigger the ability for others to join in at any point before the finishing blow. Depending on the amount of people joining in the action performed would differ. Just 2 players they could rip both arms of legs off and beat the person. While waiting for the 3rd allow a 4 sec window for them to be able to add to the action. In that 4 second time while waiting for others to join in the ones that already triggered could just kick them until the final joint execution animation is triggered.

Alright, I wanna ask… are there any plans to rebalance JDs damage potential soon(like, Operation 2 soon, preferably in December)? It’s completely overblown/ridiculous. If a JD decides he wants all the kills and you want to have some fun, well, you might just as well find yourself another match entirely. Even if you’re Kait. He kills literally everything so quickly, and possibly out of most characters’ effective range, that it’s pointless to even try shooting anything. It’s already bad enough high difficulty Horde matches last over two hours. But where on all of Sera are you supposed to find fun when everything is littered with near instant kill JD explosives from the Lancer GL which can be spammed far too quickly and unlimitedly by just having a locker with them?

Tell you one thing : it isn’t fun to watch JD take all the kills because he’s decided that there isn’t enough enemies on his side and forces Kait to abandon the spot where she’s most effective to cover some not very busy long hallway(which JD previously occupied) where enemies are almost always out of effective Overkill range, while he litters the entire map with Lancer grenades from the middle, including those spots not seeing many enemies, leaving only scraps for everyone else. I don’t really care what is done so long as it cuts down on the Lancer GL spamming and/or seriously reduces the damage done by JD on anything but possibly big bosses.

Right now, Horde basically consists of “Have a Jack, Del and JD and you almost certainly have a guaranteed win at your hands. Every other character is just a filler, just take Kait for more damage just-in-case or for early waves and another random character, Marcus or Fahz preferred”. And it’s really tiring when you’re not the JD player if he chooses to take all the kills for himself.

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thanks for replying the earlier post and I’ll cut up that big list and remove some things that have been addressed either on stream, through the blog or social media.

Design choices

  • Port more Gears 4 maps ONLY IF this is a quick/easy process and doesn’t put more burden on current development of new maps.

  • Bring back Kills displayed on scoreboard (perhaps keep Eliminations for Horde, Escape, Arcade and Quick-Play)

  • Have the 5th Ranked mode rotate between other less popular favorites; Dodgeball, Execution, Arms Race (this keeps the original idea of a low mode count while letting people play favorite modes in a Ranked environment)

  • In Versus, have the entire winning team displayed at Round End with MVP center stage. (if MVP is on opposite team, pan to that player)image taken from Achievement art. https://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/5279/178324-hi.jpg

  • Give players more incentive to do Executions because at this point it’s not worth taking that risk mid-round. Maybe a faster Execution window (Hold B) or even Scrap/Stars/EXP/Boost for taking that risk.

I have one question that has been buzzing in my mind since the release of Gears 5, and hey, even halfway through Gears 4: when will aim bot be addressed for PC players so Xbox players can harmoniously play with PC without worrying about (or over hyping a stereotype) about cheating players? The laser aim with precision weapons and 90-180 degree snap backs can be… quite frustrating. Looking forward to if any progress has been made, since Gears 4 had this same issue which was not fixed. I don’t want to see the PC community die again, nor do I want to play with people who cheat… Please give me an answer other than “it’s being worked on,” either here or in DMs. That reply no longer satisfies me since the time is overdue… I know you all are working on many issues in the game for improvement, but this is quite literally game breaking.
People getting excessive headshots in ridiculous manners is quite infuriating at times.
P.S. please do not delete my post, it’s already happened twice (in previous threads)… I just want a answer to a coming solution.
Thank you for your time.

Love to see this kind of interaction from one of the developers!

I’m fairly new to Gears 5 but I’ve been a big fan of it ever since Gears of War 1 and 2, always loved the horde mode and was very excited to finally play Gears of War again (pretty much stopped with consoles after GoW 2).

But I must ask, while I think the progression system and “hero”-based mechanics are actually a pretty nice change - what’s up with the scoreboard? For me it’s an issue because:

  1. It partially disables player input, this is generally a bad experience for users when not watching a cutscene or equivalent.
  2. I honestly think it can discourage teamwork and instead encourage lone wolf tactics because some people get overly obsessed with being the top player.
  3. You literally end up wasting ~8 minutes for every 50 wave match.

Those 8 minutes really add up.

Other than that, fantastic job with Horde! Maybe some way to lock deployables, I haven’t had a single match yet where a high leveled player hasn’t nicked one of my turrets to place where he deems fit :rofl:

Not entirely sure what that’s supposed to mean but congrats you now know I’ve played Modern Warfare

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I think you make a good points about the upgrades

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Did I get to it? I think I’ve done every question up to this post (The one I’m replying to)


We are trying to get the characters out as fast as we can. The really important characters need their hero classes for PvE. We want to make sure they provide great gameplay from the launch.

On top of the gameplay , the 3d models also have to be built, surfaced, rigged, all the VO lines recorded and set up in the game.

Both of these things take a lot more time than you might think. Our team wants to get them out as fast as we can.


There has never been a perfect KOTh spawning system. We take the feedback and keep tuning. If you have specific cases on specific rings it would help. We tune each one separately.

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k. I will look into it.

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The Gears 5 servers run at 60hz so there’s a lot less ‘Trading’ that happens, where both players kill each other at the same time.

The delays are there to reduce the issues where someone else can shoot out of a run.

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We hope to have more news on this area soon.

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We’ve discussed it. Both horde and escape can be made to run much longer.

Would you really want an unbeatable escape?

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It will help.

You will still get placed with people of wider skill ranges during lower population times.

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Thanks for the kind words.

Classic Horde would have no fortifications or fabricator in it.