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I know what you’re saying. I don’t hold Ryan alone completely responsible. They’ve all played a part in fatally wounding the Franchise.

I can seriously believe they genuinely felt it was a great game before release though…crazy as it is.


He did his part, more than most devs would ever do, or ever care to do. This guy cleary cares very deeply about Gears and I’m sure he had no intention for things to pan out the way they did. His actions have proven that. I think he’s better off staying away from social media, at least for a decent amount of time, and to just get back on track with adding new content and improving the game. Social media can be a very dangerous place if you get too sucked into it.

On Twitter, TC_Octus already said that Ryan is back in the office and focusing on TU4, so I’m sure he’s fine.


Did you guys know that Frito Lay makes Flamin Hot Limon Sunflower Seeds?

They’re really good.

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LOL :smile:

No man , I didn’t know that… It’s great what you could learn from GOW forums !!! :smile:

Yes, this is a place of education and learning at a highly intellectual level.

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I know my friend that’s why I’m here man … best place on the Internet ever !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t say the devs personally deserve the anger. Its frustrating as hell playing this shell of a game sure, and I get carried away at times but I really dont think they are sitting back like muhahahahaha! Look at these fools complain as the game slides further into the abyss of no return! I think at this point they know they botched it and are scrambling to fix it. The scramble is causing sloppy work and I think they are busy working on stupid mobile games like gears pop and tactics as well as a team diverted to work on the next entry. I always try to remember there is people behind it as frustrating as it is.


I do agree that somehow, somewhere they doing somethig to make up for the mess this game has been man… however You have to agree man that as any other job, Microsoft has really allowed them to slack on the progress of fixing the game… they are not making us any favors as it is…

The game costs money for them and for us, directly speaking since we are the customers we deserve to have a KICK ASSS Experience while playing the game… ( this has not be achieved) and any other studio being MOON STUDIOS, ID SOFTWARE, EA know that their life its on the line while releasing a game , in this case Gears 5 was released in a barebones state… it has to change course so we can have fun and in the process give them money for such experience.

It may sound " harsh " my comment , however they are in the business of making a great game and we are on the business of giving them money if the " experience its fun and right".

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I do not disagree and I am not saying dont voice your displeasure. Hell I am very vocal around the horrible state of the game but some comment up further (probably should have quoted for clarity) was sort of to the effect of they deserve the hate. No one individually deserves hate. The games is a gigantic mess, no denying it but I am also not of the mindset that anyone needs to call anyone out particularly when I say something I say TC. It’s a group effort and they collectively dropped the ball.


have a look at your new movement options. I list pretty much every possible way to update your previous movement into a new Updated module into gears future.

Title Update 4 for Gears 5 seems to have done something to enemy AI. I made a post about it here, but was told it might be a good idea to post it here as well.

Here is a link to my discussion of it: Gears 5 TU4 Broke Enemy AI


Why isn’t there an option to restart a Hive immediately when dying with Ironman? How hard can it be to add that?

TC have stated that they want to do this, it just may be a while off.

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Cant wait til they implement this along with the skip load screens.

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Skip / Delete Main Intro as well Plz

Don’t need that on load up every, single, time!



Feb 20

TC still busy with their precious ranking-system

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