Spending more time here

Del and Fahz need a Gilded version. Lizzie too :wink:

I hope you all are enjoying the Operation 2 reveal. The team worked really hard on creating it.

I won’t have time to be on the forums for a while. I need to address some personal issues.

See you online.


Thanks Ryan, great update. Good luck with your personal life. Gears can wait.


Sure add me, I play lots of different games, gamer tag same as this forum, Luckystar37 :grinning:


thanks man… will do man :slight_smile:

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@N0DEZER0 @TC_Octus … I can’t even appropriately express in words how much I hope you guys ignore this. You guys should do what was mentioned on the podcast and create a new UI at the end of the match that appropriately explains why a loss occurred in each round… That would be sufficient and I think it would clear up 90% of the confusion that’s out there.

This proposed idea is just straight bad… Like, I’m legitimately shocked this is even on the table for discussion and I’m quite confident that if this were put into action, we’d be dealing with salty losers that quit their matches to save their team’s score. A “Fall Guy” of sorts.

Many of the community members, including myself, have talked in great detail about the ranking system, and 90% of people moaning about not being able to progress have abysmal stat cards according to Gears5.com… It’s just a fact that most communities in most games are casual. There are a stupid amount of Bronze, Silver, and Gold players in this game compared to the higher ranks… Of course they’re going to be in favor of a system that’s easily abused and will spare their rank when they choose to go into ranked solo and be at a disadvantage… but that doesn’t mean you should cater to those people and build the system around such a low skill group.

Again… Really hope you guys find another solution, because this ain’t it.

Edit: I just looked back on a thread I made where I recorded / documented all games from my placement match all the way to Masters (Placed in Silver 2, got to Masters in 28 games). I recorded scoreboard AND point distribution screens for all matches to help people understand that progression isn’t completely random.

Out of 28 matches, we had a quitter in TEN games… that’s more than a third of my matches where I’d have been robbed of XP… and that’s in a system where your proposed change isn’t even put into affect. I’d bet my life that number would increase if you gave people an incentive to leave.

Please don’t… This idea, is so bad…


Yeah, how dare he show basic empathy and kindness for a game developer dealing with some personal stuff. Doesn’t he know we are unhappy with ranked mode?

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It’s got nothing to do with him showing empathy for a developer… Its more the fact that he praises everything TC do. They can’t do anything wrong in his eyes, the biggest brown noser I’ve ever seen… The game is totally broken, yet he defends it in every post he makes. And then him and his friends on these forums conspire to have all my posts flagged and hidden… How childish!


He praises The Coalition like they just created ChronoTrigger man, when they have only just created a broken game targeted to casuals at most.


Don’t be a sheep. You’re better than that.

Don’t bother man. There are people here that simply don’t know when to draw the line. It’s very sad to see.

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I’m sorry Link if something from my attitude offended you , I mean no disrepect towards you .

I really im kind of angry that TC doesnt get the point of what their customers want, and instead of fixing the things need fixing they are just giving away things that are pointless all the way still catering the fortnite players and noobs.

once again I apologize if something offended you man . you are not the problem here, TC is.

I do see a huge problem with this if they did it. People can manipulate the ranking system, for example if a team had a bad game, one of them could quit on purpose meaning no one lost points.

Also means people could grief on purpose by quitting if they saw someone had a good game. Also means I wouldn’t rank up at all as I have a quitter literally in half my games.

This is really quite a bad idea :thinking:

Would prefer if they just fixed their ranking system and showed why you lose points like you said instead of trying to find ways around it.

Also they asked if someone quits should it knock them down a rank which again can be manipulated causing higher level players to get into games against newer players. Even though this already happens to be honest.



Its the same problem with the idea of only having a quit penalty if people select the quit option. Then people just reset their router/dashboard/take out ethernet/turn off wifi/altF4 etc

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Agreed. Kinda surprised most people voted yes, it’s ridiculous…


Especially given people would then be playing a pointless match. If someone quit round 1 of Escalation for example then you have at least 4 more rounds that are worthless.

This punishes the team with and without the quitter as they are working for nothing (presuming ranking up is their goal).


I’d also just like the ranking system to be fixed. I completely disagree with most people who are in masters believing that it’s only the bad players who have an issue with it.

I was masters on two accounts before the reset, I haven’t bothered chasing it again for the remainder of this season.

It is still horrendously broken and just because the odd few think it’s fine, doesn’t negate the opinion of others.

This is nothing to do with skill. It’s to do with a system that puts ridiculous expectations on you, without considering any of the main factors of what makes a match.

It doesn’t factor in having two guys on your team going 2-10, effectively ruining your chance of winning in TDM, it doesn’t factor in team compositions… just the sum of all tier points combined, it doesn’t factor in quitters, etc etc.

It’s fundamentally still broken and barely an improvement over how it was prior to the reset.

Just fix the darn ranking system and the majority of the issues will go away. Including the rampant quitting.

Add in the community service idea for quitters and things will be in a much better place, with both of those things combined.


If you’re a masters player, you get it quite quick / easily in my experience.

It just seems like everyone else has issues.

Yep, I’m surprised they didn’t mention anything about rank. Ryan did say in the past that the rank system was getting another fix/tune up during OP2 and I thought it would’ve been during the releaseof OP2. Guess that’s not going to be the case.

I just want them to either fix it or replace it asap. They’ve been tinkering with it since launch and it’s getting tiresome.

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Doesn’t matter. If the system is only working for the top 1% it’s not fair on the rest.

Like I said, I got to masters on two accounts before reset. I just haven’t had enough time to play nor the motivation given that rank is being reset for op 2 and there wasn’t a lot of time between the last reset and op 2. I just couldn’t be bothered.

My main point here is that it should be fair to everyone. TC seems to think that gold players from gears 4 are now silver players, onyx are now golds etc.

The fact that they put so many players in silver in their podcast was surprising.

I’ve got 43 friends on xbl, only about 1 plays regularly, 3 maybe once a week and that’s it.

Most have stopped playing due to the rank system. I have friends who range in skill from legitimate bronze to diamond.

Most of them were not in the rank they should be in, based on their skill and in-game performances.