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@N0DEZER0, can you expand on this, please? Why exactly does global text chat not work? Given your responses on Twitter on the subject, I assumed that it was intentinally disabled


@N0DEZER0 I saw the Dev Stream and excited to hear about the movement.

Can you please watch this clip and let me know if this will be possible with the new movement? Look how fluid it looked in 4.

Edit: it is a short clip about 30 sec


Why aren’t expressions bindable on PC? Having to click and hold the middle mouse wheel down and then click a weapon key is really awkward.

Could they please be made bindable?

Doing an escape mode in Master difficulty become quickly frustrating and don’t give you want to try hard it as the loading times are always very, very long. And this is just an example on how the loading times can taint your Gears 5 experience…

So my question is : is it an issue already considered to be improved ? Because I can’t be the only one bothered by it, right ?


Hi Ryan, @N0DEZER0

Thanks for the feedback Ryan, I do get your point however in my humble opinion this is a shooting game in which its supposed to behave as one , not a survival game like Resident Evil which you have to scavenge ammo everywhere in order to kill the monsters.

I do understand the logic of the weapon lockers and engineers building them, however I really think the ammo scarcity its way off, for example the boomshot used to have 6 shots capacity and now its 3, the fun part of the game its to have a lot of ammo to shoot , that why its called gears of war as the name implies, I dont really understand why the scarcity was implemented or either the shortage of ammo capacity on the guns like boomshot, gnasher or the lancer itselft

There used to be a way Ryan on Gears 4 that by using the ammo skill cards you could increase the ammo capacity for the lancer to almost 1120 bullets !!, that was pretty awesome, the guy who implemented that did really know that the fun was on that tiny elements who makes it almost a new game to play.

I really think Ryan these kind of things should be considered, I mean if it was a Resident EVil game I would get your point and I wouldnt dare to look into it… the game its supposed to behave like that… but if its a Gears of War game ammo shouldn’t be scarce in any way at all.

Kindly let me know your thougts. = )

Regards. Ryan.



again thanks for literally answering every question posted by the community members here. rare to see from a developer.

on to my request/suggestion:

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this term but me and a friend of mine have problem with Clenching, physically gripping the controller tighter when playing in critical situations. This will happen to us in Call of Duty often and at times in Gears 5. In fact Halo had a feature called “Clench Protection”

So what is happening in tense situations like a Gnasher battle is we Clench and accidentally pull up the Expressions Menu (Right Stick /Hold R3) resulting it less then ideal situations.

can we get a way to map Expressions Menu off (Hold R3) while still keeping the (R3 Click) for Zoom?

Going over the Controller Layout it looks like Y is only bound to Point of Interest/Ultimate Ability. Something that is not used in Versus as far as I can see. Perhaps we could get a way to separate that function and bind it to something else, or disable it completely.

Another option would be to increase the time it takes to active the Expressions Menu, in the last stream you mentioned the dual function buttons require a hold of 250ms to activate. Increasing this time might help the issue. 500ms?


Display bug:

I was 9% and 7000* points but gained points. The progress screen match report showed I lost points even though I gained. Not sure if it’s worth looking into as to frequency but it happened.

Though I’d post this here, since its been one of the high topics of this thread. It’s about the ranking system.



Also, I’m not an Arcade mode player, really, but the same thing happens with the LS in that mode, as it will pull up your weapon upgrade menu.

Just to confirm, we have a fix in the works for the Skiff getting stuck bug. Our team have been trying to reproduce it and we hope to have a resolution in a future update. Thanks so much for your patience while we work on these issues.



I watched the pod cast and still am a little confused.

How does a performance like this

End up with this kind of score

I obviously performed every round and played the hill and got plenty of kills. I dont understand the 21 and negative 28 point rounds then get 435 for 1 round. This doesnt make sense

Meanwhile a game like this

Results in this


Hey! I see me in one of those screenies

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Just more proof of me carrying you lol


Me and my mates only have one escape map on master left to 100% the operation / medals. So we will be at 100% soon. When we made the plan to 100% the medals, we had most of the medals already, so we decided to complete just all. We thought that if you guys plan to create an achievement in the future to 100% the medals in an operation, it might be retroactive. It would save us alot of time and sweat, so PLEASE consider to make such an achievement RETROACTIVE. The medal where you have to master 10 weekly escape maps, is soooo time consuming. IMO people who want to 100% the future operations still can do it if they want, but people who 100% this first operation and cant always spent so much time, should deserve such an achievement retroactively. Please put it onto the priority list on number one, before everything else discussed in this thread ;D

Now that this thread exists and know that someone from TC really reads our messages, i chose to write this text and make my first comment in the forums. Thanks for taking note.

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Maybe not the place, but wanted to say that I love your gamer pic. Good choice.

Read em and weep bish


even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while



The right place, the right time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yea i dont care about messin with the people in a party But Having the solo People be able talk like gears 4 had in a pre lobby gears 5 does not even have this or its like you say no one is using the mic