Spending Iron & Receiving 3 Days of "bonus" boost

I know there’s been countless threads on the store prices, rightly so too, but i was just checking the progress of my Totems - All done bar Raam as just needing 2 more executions - anyhow i was in the customisation screen and noticed if i decided to unlock him for 500 iron i would get 3 days of boost…

Now, okay it is optional and you dont have to spend money as these can be earned and indeed i am doing this, but this practice is at best very questionable and at worse i’d go as far to say immoral.

For every step forward a department of TC take (massive props too @N0DEZER0 for the community engagement) another area goes west .

LuL why is it immoral? I probably spend as much in the store as anyone, and even I unlocked all of the characters through totems.

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Store prices are stupid high and belong in a free to play game, but do you mind explaining the inmoral bit of content you can get for free? The extra boost is just a nod should you decide to pay for it instead of unlocking it by playing the game, can’t see what’s wrong with that.

It probably will be soon enough…

Not sure what you mean by questionable/immoral. It’s just a small bonus for those who choose to spend the 500iron to unlock the character. At least that’s how I see it.

That’s actually cheaper than buying 3 individual days of boost.

Sorry what’s the problem?

I ain’t got time to grind both Cogs and Ramm skin so decided to grind the COG and buy RAMM.

Got 3 days bonus boost for all the chump change of £4.25 or something lol

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