Speedrunners in Escape ruins the mode

First of all: This mode is a nice addition to the old modes of the Gears franchise and can make a lot of fun, BUT I see a huge problem in this mode alone (Horde has it’s fair share of problems and it’s system).

But first I want to mention a Pro. Even tho the Hero system is still the worst design decision of all times in my opinion, it makes sense in Escape. It brings a fresh feeling to the mode but I think the Supers are kind of useless except of the ammo one.

But here’s the huge problem in this mode: the players tend to be very aggressive and greedy stealing all the ammo and do not support the other players. This system might be fun on paper but when there are speedrunners in the lobby they leave everyone behind, triggering all the bosses and the other players have to deal with a horde of enemies while the speedrunner is already at the Exit closing the door.
Also, if you don’t speedrun with them they tend to act very aggressive and even damage you with shock grenades while enemies are around so you die.
I have never seen so much aggression in a CO-OP mode before. in any game.
Speedrunners are abusing the system to gain a lot of EXP instead of playing the mode as a team. There should be a team bonus or some sort to make it more attractive to play as a team and not hurt each other.


Which difficulty? It’s so easy to do it on Beginner.

Seen speedrunners on Easy, Medium and Hard, Above Hard often times the lobby just crashes somehow

These difficulties don’t even exist. I’m not sure if English isn’t your main language but there’s Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced, Elite, Insane, Inconceivable and Master.

It’s really hard to Speed Run through on higher difficulty. Although I’d applaud their effort, if could pull it off. Talking about solo, while leaving team behind.

My game is on German so i didnt know the other names

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IMO this mode is boring. It was cool on the first playthrough but each new playthrough feels just like playing the same campaign level over and over again


I have had a mixture of teams. Some are just like you described. Others have been great team players. They share all ammo and understand its a team effort. Unfortunately TC cannot control what types of players we encounter. I befriended a group and we spent the next few hours ranking 1% on a few maps… One thing I would recommend is don’t play higher level difficulties while you are at a lower level. This will probably encourage others to leave you behind… Just use your mic, be friendly and spot weapon and ammo for others. It can rub off, fostering team work… You’ll still get jerks, but you’ll find some polite people as well… Look me up, my user=my GT.


It’s just my thoughts on the matter, but I don’t see no problems with speedrunning rather it’s in horde or escape and I would gladly join them. Rather than playing with players that want to speedrun through escape why not play with your friends or play solo.

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What hurts the mode is that it seems built for speedrunning. First time you start the mode you cut yourself out of a sac, plant a bomb, and then a clock starts ticking. You start with only 1 weapon, barely any ammo, and the only way to play the mode is to rush and melee everything in sight. Bullets don’t do enough damage and even when you find ammo, you run through it at a stupidly quick pace.

I mean…the mode isn’t bad, but saying speed runners ruin a speed runner’s mode is kinda backwards to me.

Lmao…this topic

The only thing I’d recommend for Escape is the implementation of level requirements for different difficulties. Was trying to do an insane hive the other day and some jackin ape chose his level 1 Kat. I think it should be Level 5 minimum for Elite, Level 7 minimum for Insane, Level 9 minimum for inconceivable and then 11+ minimum for Master.



The whole point of Escape is to improve your escape time though. It’s literally made for speedrunners. If you don’t want to play with people who want to get out as fast as possible then play with your friends.


MAC says hi.

Speed runs are necessary because of the grinding nature of this game.


I don’t get it. The point of escape is to get the hell
out of there. “Speedrunners in escape” sounds a bit redundant to me.

I did an incon and had two guys with stim just blaze through. At first I was a little thrown off but I followed their lead and we had a nice 0:00 (helps I was Mac with max health)