Speculation on the conversion-rate for duplicates

I’ve been so bored that I started counting my golden duplicates and assuming the conversion-rate is gonna be 1:0,25 (4000 : 1000) I would end up with 463.000coins JUST for my golden duplicates.
Assuming we get a new class with 1 golden card and 4 purple I would have enough to max them out right away.

Genuine curious if scrapping is gonna be in the TU for OP5 and if the conversion-rate will actually be the same as Gears 4.

Its been talked about for awhile, so I would say a solid maybe

Probably not, you can get cards alot faster, plus if it was the same most people could get everything in the store very quicky

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Yeah I have a sneaking suspicion that the exchange rates won’t be at the same equivalents as GOW4 and the previous Scrap system. As you say, certain Escape runs will essentially turn into fast money makers. Obviously it’s RNG but even Surge on Insane will probably get you a legendary card every 3-4 games as an average. I dunno how many you can fit into one hour, but I reckon including load times you could fit in around 10-12 maybe?

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With the current loading-times 6-7 is more likely. And a legendary every 3-4 runs is highly unlikely from my experience as well.

I really think that we are in for a rude shock when it will come to conversation of the duplicates. That’s if??? It will come. TC knows that a lot of people are seating on a gold mine of duplicates. I would not be surprised at all of some BS, AT ALL!


Doubtful. Less than 1% of all players have reached Lv15 with one of the launch-chars according to the cheevos.

Mate everyone I know has Over 300 golds. I got over 400 and it’s TC we are talking about…anything is possible.

@Ektope probably has over 1000!


To be fair, I’m sure a lot of people will just play the same 3-4 characters over and over again rather than level up different ones. Those folks more than likely have tons of dupe legendary cards for those characters. I know one person who played exclusively Marcus for awhile. I’m sure they have a stockpile of them.

duplicates will likely give a much lower conversion rate, as cards are drastically easier in Gears 5 to obtain.

I can’t believe you’re right.

1,494 Legendary duplicates.

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You said you maxed all characters out and got over 400 clock runs so I gathered you would have a tonne of golds. The drop rate for golds is much higher then purples.

Yes, I can’t beleive it either.

Same could be said to those players who constantly play as Jack (normally players with high re-ups) because some of them can’t play as Fahz, Kait or any skilled players

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Some things to think about for Gears4 rate:

  1. They can change the GC prices of store items to make it work.
  2. Maybe they are listening, that cards take too long to acquire and this will allow everyone to level up the cards they want.
  3. Maybe they’ll want everyone to be able to level up if they are making PvE more difficult.
  4. Its probably a small population that has a ton of duplicates, relatively speaking.

There were A LOT of complaints about leveling up cards. “Why should a player at your skill be forced to waste time on Surge runs to play a class at the high level you are used to? This type of grinding is not fun” - That’s the argument I hope TC has heard.


Just to add as well, TC also said a while ago that they wouldn’t rule out releasing new PVE classes too, so if this happened then we’d have some extra grind added as well. Many of us PVE players probably still have something to grind or spend GC on upgrading even amongst existing characters, so I hope that TC consider this as well.

Yeah this is a good point. It’d be a pretty crappy move on TC’s part especially given that they are directly responsible for this by creating such a time-consuming grind.

Thing is that PvP players would be absolutely screwed by this, as they won’t have any duplicate cards to scrap for coins. They’ll just be forced to pay more in the store while not receiving any gc like PvE players will. So I don’t see this happening.

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@BroodierAlloy75 im a Kait main myself. So quick question…how are there people out there that play as Jack because they cant play a Kait? With her bleed cards and cloak cards, she is a dream to play. Shoot an enemy once…then focus attention on another one. Shoot them once…rinse repeat…

1/12th is my guess.

If TC is feeling incredibly generous, 1/8th. I really doubt that’ll be the case.