Speculation on new charecters and rant for Gears 5

Soooo, I figured Horde would be bologna from the beginning when they announced how stuff worked in this game, with the character limit and like no variety thing cause basically 5 people and 1 Jack BUT, are they going to make new characters coming forward usable in Horde and Escape? Cause without the Spartans and Sarah the picks for choices are very dry. It also doesn’t help when three people in the lobby wanna be J.D. or Kait cause you can’t have duplicates in this game. I also know the Onyx Guard was cut and you can check the achievements to see them and other characters we can’t pick.

So what’s the big idea? Why didn’t they also make the escape gang usable in Horde? Kat skills are like useless in there, at least I can be someone else though and not limited to just the three main choices. Will all the new characters be usable in both modes too? Or will we only get one character at a time and then have everyone in that mode fight over said new charecter.

Last thing, I don’t like that its pretty clear some characters are playable (or at least ready in versus) and aren’t there, the Warden, Onyx guard, etc. And we have to wait weeks or longer to be them, There is a lot of characters from 4 they can pick to put in here, why make us wait for finished ones instead of those? I’d be less salty if they gave us reasons for holding stuff back and at least let us have fun with what is ready while we wait for actually new content.

Sorry for my long winded rant, after unlocking all the skins for the characters these past weeks I figured we’d at least have a cog gear ready.


I hardcore want them to add the Escape chars to Horde and vice versa.


I believe the last dev stream mentioned that the current escape characters haven’t had their skills balanced out for horde or something like that, I’d imagine that goes for the horde characters not having their skills balanced for escape. This isn’t word for word so I may be misinterpreting something from that stream.

Escape characters are focused on pistols and melee. Generally the weaker weapons. They’ll be useless in horde. Atleast in master. We’ve already got Marcus as useless filler.

Kat and Emile are useless. Sarah Connors is pretty bad but can fill the 5th spot. Just will end up afking at round 30+ masters

If I recall Keegan has a card similar to JD’s razor hail, where he can proc bleeds with explosives so I’m not sure if he’s completely useless, plus he can provide the team with ammo so there’s that. Mac mainly uses the pistol for his damage yeah, but he has a bleed card for it that procs on an active Boltok reload. His ult is similar to Emile’s but I’d say a bit more useful since he can take it with him. Lahni might be the least effective out of the default escape characters, since she relies on executions to get pilfer ammo and not to mention her ultimate is a melee based stun knife.

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Ammo isn’t needed because you have a forge lv 4 by wave 4-5, weapon lockers up by wave 8.

So Keegans ult is useless. Mac his Boltok with bleed stilldoes 10x less damage than a fahz who snipes someone.

They’ll need rifle cards if they want a place in horde.

True, the current escape characters could be useless and honestly that’d be okay with me. I just want more variety and I feel that they took the Onyx Guard powers and gave them to Sarah, feels weird seeing them in trailers and achievements and then not seeing them in game. (tin foil hat theory lol)

They could just take a couple cards that are good in horde from some of the base and vice versa then let them be there, I’m tired of everyone taking J.D. and Kait then leaving anyways after round 20. The Escape gang has pretty useful ults they could just make some generally good basic cards and give it to them and whatever new characters that come out and I’d be fine with it.

I also know its just me that’s like super okay with basic or crap cards to get them in so I am biased, I just really wanna see some new and old favorites running around in all modes, not the same 3 to 5 characters.


I bet when they release the onyx guard everyone will want to be him and people will constantly quit because of the no duplicate thing


I want more “charecters” too

Lol true, if people are leaving cause of not being Kait or J.D. it’ll be awhile before anyone can play a full match of horde and not be a Onyx Guard.

I’d rather have less than optimal Escape characters in Horde than the extremely limited pool we have now. Turning Horde into a hero-based game with such a tiny amount of heroes was a bad joke.

Additionally, TC should’ve anticipated players clamoring for Escape characters in Horde and either balanced them appropriately or made alternative versions.

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Its weird you can look at all the cards for the guests characters and see some overlap between abilities like Lahni and Emile for example, just wish for at least base game they used both pools of characters were available to pick from, good cards or not.

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They really should have given them more cards before release. Whose idea was it to release a character with half as many perks as the others?

Whose idea was it to include characters that don’t belong in the series to begin with…

Probably TCs idea to get more money. If they release new characters that are part of the series what if they do the same to them? What if Baird got here and he has half as many perks as Del? It be the same thing as Kat.

I might be wrong but I think they added them in to promote halo reach in the mcc too, like I said tho I could be wrong but it’s seem logical considering there both from reach

They should’ve atleast made them slightly more gears gearslike. The armor just… doesn’t fit.

Like… throw a cog logo on Emile his helmet. And the shoulderpad

Ohh I agree, would of been cool to see a gears variation of Emile and kat. I remember seeing something in gears 4 about a halo pack that was meant to come out dunno if it was fake or not but it was a cog gear with a halo esq kinda helmet and a few other differences

Not complaining tho cos Emile was my favourite in reach so it’s still kinda cool to see him again