Speculation on how the OP 5 class system could work

TC said they are going to be changing the hero system in OP 5. People have been voicing their concerns on how this new system could work considering there are cards tied to characters.
This topic is about ways it could be implemented. Please share your ideas.
Two ways I think it could work.

  1. When a person selects a characters for horde, there will be an option for that person to select a “character class.”
    For example, I am in the customization menu, and I select Marcus in his “menu”, where you select the skins and emotes and ■■■■, there are still options for Horde and Escape. When the players selects horde a list of character classes, Kait, Del, JD, Marcus, Fahz… will be displayed, then the player selects the “character class” the player character will then have all the skills, ultimate, and weapon loadout associated with that “character class”.
    Then in the horde lobby in parenthesis,
    there will be some text that displays the “character class” the player selected.
    This will not work for Jack. Maybe it can IDK.

  2. All the “classes”, Tank, Scout, … Support have all their skills and ultimates placed in the appropriate class. The player can select what ultimate they want for that class. No transclass ultimate business. Meaning a sniper class cannot equip an ultimate that belongs to the tank.

Anyways, I’m done typing.
All criticism is welcome. Tell me the ideas, are trash and bad all that good stuff.

As I mentioned above please share your ideas. I really am interested in hearing them because all I play is horde mode.

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I think it’ll just be Class=Ultimate. So JD will become “Destroyer Class” Kait would become “Scout Class” Baird would be “Combat Engineer” to Del’s “Engineer.”

So that it’ll be like 4’s Class system with each ultimate we have now being it’s own class. That’s the way I’d do it at least.


Character X (formerly Character Y)

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My guess is they’ll take some cards like score & epic score boosts for each character and combine them into a single set. Cards like venom resistance or rifle damage could become general/non-class specific that any class would use.

Cards that are specific to a class like sniper rifles or explosives would be based on the class picked, and pool all of the related cards based on the new classes.

Cards specific to an ultimate could be tied the ultimate picked. And MAYBE tie ultimates to the class picked… JD’s artillery would not make sense for a non- explosives class.

Perhaps have 3-4 cards available based on the class you pick & 2-3 cards for the ultimate you pick. But I think they need to realign the classes, considering cards currently for Keegan, JD, and Sarah Conner would go well in an explosives class, but are currently in 3 different classes.

Current classes/characters:

Scout: Kait, Lahni
Engineer: Del, Kat, Baird
Tank: Marcus, Mac, Sarah, Lizzie, Clayton
Offense: JD, Fahz, Emile, Cole
Support: Jack, Keegan, COG

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As long as the Engineer is the only one to build, or even as it stands now, with improvements, i am ok with it all. I personally think all games should have an Engineer, only the Engineer builds and people show love to the Engineer.
Engineers are needed, and yes, they are not necessary, they are just needed.
If you have no Engineer, then you are choosing to have no Fortifications, and that is a choice for the team to make.

As for the other characters, as long as the chosen Class has all the necessary and required Skill Cards to suit that Class, then i will be happy. It is time the Sniper had more Sniping Skill Cards, and other Classes Skill Cards to do the same. And for diversity, there should be General Skill Cards, although i can not see the point in having a Sniper if you are not going to use Sniping Skill Cards. But someone once pointed out, the game needs diversity, and a challenge. Personally, my thoughts are the opposite. Snipers Snipe, Engineers Build and Repair, everyone else does what they do.

Speaking of Classes, i think it is time the Scout changed to what a Scout really is, a lightly armed, lightly armoured Soldier. I think said character should be almost invisible, not be detected by the enemy unless you are withing a certain range of them.
Tanks should create aggro, drawing enemies to them, so you can have the Scout and the Tank in the field, the Scout collects Energy without having to engage. The Tanks takes all the enemies, where the Snipers and Heavies lay waste to them.
Bring back Sophia, with the Stim Grenade. Or use Jack as a Healer/Medic Class.

Have Six Classes. Add some variety to the game, and wider choices. Engineer, Scout, Tank, Heavies (Heavy Ordnance), Sniper and Medic (Healer).

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Well, personally.

I always liked the classes to match what could really be in a military ground force.

Once class I always hoped they would release would be a General class. Once that would boost the effects of the whole team. One that would have cool downs for the troops below them, as in a reference to leadership.

And of course their Ultimate? Well to summon some Onyx guard of course. Class should be strong to match the character type. Not strong in itself, but strong in that of its troops.

Well, I like the rest of what you stated but was just adding my two cents.



What would the purpose of an actual Scout role be? I mean, really. You don’t need to be doing any reconnaissance work in the field because the enemies will come scampering to your base anyway and it’s as simple as marking something to make the team aware of it. You won’t go around backstabbing things because your cloak lifts if you get too close to an enemy. And nobody is going to have any interest in being a glorified power hog for the engineer, Gears 4 saw to that. Scout was very often the hampering point of getting a match to work in the pre-match lobby because often nobody wanted to be a glorified work horse of which the only real purpose was to gather power for 2 hours or longer.

I also doubt anybody is going to be interested, or at least not many will be, in running around not having the ability to properly kill any enemies and just marking them for a damage bonus so others can kill instead.

They literally could just give us the gears 4 horde setup, you know, maybe transfer some files, and most everyone would be happy, but a whole op to separate hero’s from ultimates? They are going to mess something up, seems they overthinking something. Looks like horde will be dead this op


I don’t think horde will be killed with OP 5. However, I agree that they will mess something up

That sounds way over powered to me. I am all for balance in the game, and this, to me, just unbalances it for me. Nice idea though.

Well that is just as well i came up with Six Class/Roles. Time the Scout went bye byes then. It seems there is no place for one in the game anymore, so toodles to that.
I would not miss it. Would you…
Of course any of my suggestions will never see the light of day anyway, so we might end up stuck with a Class that has no role in Gears 5 or Gears 6 anymore.

I’m a little late to this party but I was wondering. As far as engineers go. Will ALL their cards be thrown into the same class or will they be separate? Like if someone picks engineer will they be a Baird engineer and have precision repair? Or will they be a Del engineer and have repair cost reduction? How would they fit Kat into this group? Cause it would be pretty damn awesome if I could pick and choose Baird+Dels skills but with Kats hologram.

At this stage, nothing has been confirmed.

I suspect the skill card combinations will remain as they are, but the character model is simply being detached from the Hero role. So if you want to play as a scout then you have Kait’s version, or Lahni’s one to choose from, not a combination of both. Purely speculation of course. We may find out a bit more in the blogpost later today.

I was thinking, cards would be grouped in a Class-common pool you can pick from (ex. Kait and Lahni’s “Scout” cards)., but the Hero Ultimate remains unique to each character: