Spectral Enforcer Card randomly vanished from my inventory

While looking through the new Sonar weapon skins, I noticed I didn’t have the Spectral Enforcer. I got all the Spectral cards when they were released, I have all the others currently, and I guarantee that I never scrapped the card.


I still have mine, rip you.

I would expect that people still would have it, yes. I don’t think the issue specifically affects any one skin, but the fact that a skin can just up and vanish is troubling. I’d like TC to acknowledge it.

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I’ve always wondered why this doesn’t happen more often, been paranoid about stuff disappearing and that’s why I’ve never really allowed myself to get attached to any one skin or tried to start any kind of collection .

I mean my thinking is that there many are times when the game bugs out in other areas (such as credit / xp payout) why would skins be the exception?

Good luck getting TC to acknowledge this.

The web card companion bugged out on me and scrapped my heartbleed gnasher instead of the card I was viewing (think it was an onyx gold retro lancer).

No response from them at all. They don’t care.

I suspect that I probably lost the skin the one time I used the scrap all duplicate feature on the companion app long ago. I noticed it was a bit buggy with actually scrapping cards and giving the correct amount of scrap. I have never used it since then, and I suggest nobody else use it to scrap cards.

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