Special events!

Specifically as for gamers! The Gears of War 4 events (all) is a very bad idea… The new and all incoming ruins all expenses of playing and experience of gaming , present and futrlure. Gears of War playing! Level the tier and or be equilevent of challenges of excitement?!

…don’t just off of Major League Games or Pro Circuit?

Sorry, are you saying that special events ruin the gaming experience for you?



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I feel like google translate would have done a better job than whatever you just tried to say. :man_shrugging:

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i think it’s weird watching someone else play

millennials …

I agree with you on that. I do sometime leave the gears circuit on in the background sometimes if they’re giving away a skin I like but I don’t actually watch it

“no Nintendo”

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There were video game events where you watched “Video Gaming Championships” before the millenials. :wink:

Ditto. I never watch the actual streams. It occurred to me that I hate the sight of eSports players, especially that one who looks like a serial killer (can’t remember his name).

I think it’s the macho posturing, chest beating, and worst of all - the promotional shots of the players in darkened rooms crossing their arms, tapping the side of their head, or pointing fingers to their head as if it were a finger-bang gun in slow-mo. Boys, you look dreadful.


a bunch of sissys that couldn’t exceed in real sports trying to act like they are mma fighters

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That and they go around tbagging and humping. Not very “sportmen” like from them. They are supposed to to be “professionals” Plus its boring. Its not like watching any sport, it doesn’t give me any excitement.

Sounds like a “real gamer” who thinks he is entitled to something. Like he is owed something or whatnot

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