Special event for Gears 5

I just thought of some good ideas for special events TCA . King Of The Hill One Shot One Kill. headshots only (KOTH OSOK) also. another idea for special event is you spawn in with a random weapon every time you die or if you are dominating with that weapon, then every minute it switches to a random weapon. Don’t know what you would call it, but that would be cool. Not a special event, but can we also have in our creative lobbies that we get to choose what our starting weapons can be? Also for another special event for FFA,FFA Hide N Seek or Seek and destroy? something like that. FFA maps are huge you have so many hiding spots to hide. The seeker spawns in the middle of the map with a mace. with there screen black for 20 seconds. the people hiding has there mark disabled so then they can’t mark other players and the seeker. The seeker is the only one that can mark the enemy. The hiders can’t kill the seeker. but they can get them down to get away. the seeker can’t die. So make the seeker have endless downs. 1 second revive so then you don’t troll the seeker., or make the seeker have endless spawn protection? Once the seeker kills the hidden player then the hidden player becomes the new seeker. I don’t know, I’m sure you can think of something. Hide N seek in a free for all would be awesome. since Free for all maps are huge and they are possible. 2v2 Longshots?