Special carmine legacy in gears of war

In this month of June, and after the E3 of gears of war came out, it would be better to have an event in memory of the carmine family who were in the gears campaigns with a special pack of the event that includes the fourth brother and the carmines recruits.

the end of June is approaching and the last packs will go, for example: Outer Wilds Kait, it was exciting, but it hurts that it did not go as it could have been, I hope the next month will be different, support the carmine so that the 4th brother and possibly the father of the carmine (for the theories of the comic).
coming soon of the month of July: Theories of the family carmine and its origins known and not seen by the community.

I thought having original and Zombie Carmines returned as craftable was enough, before they got taken down again.

No thanks…they are overrated

How can you say that? Carmines are awesome… I agree with OP I would like more Carmine specials. Although the 4th brother(still unknown) I hope comes into play in Gears 5.

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All of them excluding the zombie varients are still craftable though?

Yes I missed out on the zombies…

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vintage kait also isnt craftable anymore i’m just glad i always have a ton of scrap for situations like this and i think the only new carmine skins we’ll get are when they release black steel gary and ben and maybe recruit clayton but thats less likely

thanks for answering. They should also know that they only showed the carmine only alive and not dead :joy:hahaha. so in halloween they will only place zombies or the days of the dead as in series 3.
I hope that several people and players of gears of war can say the same thing that you