Spawn system in koth is awful

Seriously, 95% of the time I get killed from behind, because the game thinks it’s totally fine spawning enemies right behind me.


Yeah it’s surprisingly bad. Not only do you get pinched or spawned behind in a cheap way, but the spawns are unbalanced and give one team a huge advantage most of the time.


I agree sometimes you spawn with the enemies or you spawn as far as possible from the hill.


This is even more prevalent in Arms Race not to mention the spawn protection enemies get.

The losing team often gets spawned further away from the hill, how is that fair?


I agree, the spawn situation is so frustrating …

I once spawned directly into the hill.


Happens on some maps and hills that spawn you right there in them but only when my team are either standing in them or right next to the hill.

When it happened to me the enemy team had control but wasn’t in it (changed colors).

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Agree, spawn is terrible. Is very sad when your team is down, born far away

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Ditch KOTH, it’s broken, always has been, play Escalation, problem solved. :sunglasses:

5 round escalation with core tuning as a special event a couple months ago was fun.


I’ve had one match where i spawned at dropshot on Clocktower, pick up the dropshot then move to the sand bag going from the dropshot spawn and right behind me there is 4 enemies one with his chainsaw revved up chasing me. Other times you literally spawn next to your enemies not even just on Raven Down.


The worst I have encountered regularly is Blood Drive. I refuse to even attempt a solid try on Blood Drive… If that map gets voted, which it usually does for some ungodly reason, I just take as many kills as possible. Don’t care much about the rings.

I bet that gets removed… lol

I guess there is one thing they can borrow from Judgment that is Smart Spawn

This is something that is it in desperate need of improvement. Just the fact that one side is getting favorable spawns is enough to break the game mode, not to mention spawning people on top of each other or right behind each other.

It’s a mess and I’m surprised it hasn’t been complained about more to honest.

I used to love KOTH but since moving to Esc I realized how broken it is, the spawns and abomination tuning that is Core, I just can not take it seriously at all anymore and rarely play it.

Escalation is the way to go, join us!!! :slight_smile:

This is very thru. But one more thing that has too change in KOTH is the ring routes. The way the ring changes. Its just the same pattern all the time. It should be randomized by now. One more thing that could be nice is that the team that loose one round can replace or take away a weapon on the map.

100% agree finally someone with the guts it takes to say what needs to be said. Good on you!