Spawn Protection needs to be addressed

@TC_Octus @N0DEZER0

Why haven’t you addressed the main complaint regarding spawn protection yet? It’s unfair that an enemy can fire a bullet and still take no damage whatsoever. Once the enemy fires a bullet it’s time to disable their protection. It’s been a complaint of many for years and you still haven’t addressed the elephant in the room.


I second this. Somebody shouldn’t be able to let off two-three shots while tanking the opposing enemy’s bullets.

This has been an issue since GOW 4. It irritates me in Dodge Ball and Guardian. It’s basically a free kill.

They also need to fix the spawns not flipping.

It’s so easy to spawn trap teams in this game, as they only flip if you’re literally stood at the very back of their spawn.

You can be like 6ft from their spawn and their spawn simply will not flip. It’s terrible.

I agree with this, especially with the spawn flips since I’ve spawned a few times and after a few steps and I am getting lancered because someone just spawned behind me and I cant do anything about it.

It seems like this is very arbitrary because sometimes I encounter what you described but then again on the other hand the situation I described above also happens. I am not sure if its tied to certian maps or not but it is pretty crazy that this is a thing.