Spawn concerns for FFA

So if spawn are like they are Other game modes chances are your gonna spawn on someone and they will kill you making people really pissed im hoping all 10 players have seprate spawns


Will it be gnasher only? lol


That’s what I hope.

Gnasher, pistol, and flash/smoke only.

No power weapons. No awful randoms. No getting lancered from all angles. That’s what I’m hoping for.


Every gears is gnasher only LOL

The thing I’m worried about is the Spawn Protection since unlike other games once you shoot or attack your spawn protection is gone. TC’s Gears Of War games does not do this and that will be very frustrating and lead to so many free kills, specially if the spawn system sucks.

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To be fair all the Gears games have had a shoddy system with spawn protection, not just TC’s. Also I definitely agree its gonna be terrible, just like spawns in Judgement were.