Spamming of Emotes , Expressions and Taunts

Thoughts and opinions you say.
I was not a fan and still would be fine if we didn’t have… In saying that, I really could not give a toss, the don’t “bother” me in the slightest. I use “take the objective” a fair amount on KOTH. I think the various laughing is funny!

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If it’s not the laugh it’s the group up. If it’s not the group up it’s the flank them. Nobody uses these expressions for strategy plain and simple. This was not a thing people have asked for and it was mostly used for padding out the tour and supply. I see there may have been good intentions for implementing this feature but no one is gonna use it as intended. That’s just the way it’s going to be.

Shouldn’t be all or nothin

I dont mind all the smart ars one liners, that IS gears but repeated spammin of the giggles & laughs is jus annoyin as fk

I agree with the OP

I try to use them as intended. Until the enemy hears me.

That’s fine but I’m a pragmatist. I only change what I can control, and I don’t control the development of this game. So my compromise is no character dialog. I mean, if it’s all on the same audio layer it may be impossible to separate “emotes” and “call outs.”

I mean, I’d rather let there be limited uses and a longer cooldown for spamming it. But I’ve gotten used to it all so I just roll with it.

Also lemme drop this artifact here

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Limited uses for each slot assigned expressions.

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Hi there.

I’m that Lizzie in your match who keeps laughing.

Why do I do it? Well, because it’s fun! I say “thanks” when Lahni calls something beautiful. I say “sorry” when Kait shouts at me for shooting her. I intentionally botch my reload to hear the humorous voice lines when I do. I did this all the way back to Gears 2, just to hear Marcus go, “GOD DAMN SON OF A ■■■■■” at the top of his lungs. It’s part of the fun for me, and why I much prefer playing COG. And how I pass the time playing a Horde match for two hours. (Nothing’s funnier than JD and Kait immediately saying “Hey” after Del shouts, “MEET MY FRIENDS!”)

You don’t like it? That’s fair.

Just kill me in your match and you won’t hear the laugh anymore.

If you can’t do that?

Lizzie voice Nyuhahahahaha.


God damn I wish was in, instead of hearing, “Yeah! Nice one.” whenever cheering with Baird, could get some more of his better lines in.

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Now that’s good Kinja.

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[quote=“staindgrey, post:33, topic:43507, full:true”](Nothing’s funnier than JD and Kait immediately saying “Hey” after Del shouts, “MEET MY FRIENDS!”)

As much as I’ve voiced my huge disdain for these stupid expressions this was actually kinda funny to read. And I botched the quote so that’s fun.

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Stop shooting my f*cking tomatoes!!


You can edit the post to fix it.

The expressions can have a place if used right. Right now, it’s too easily spammable with no variations.

Just like executions if you are getting tilted by this stuff, you must be new to gears LOL

100% part of the mental game, make some mistakes. Just like choosing to execute someone mid match is sending a “come get some” message. In a game where you can chainsaw someone in half… Stomp on people… Rip their heads off…

It’s so adorable when people complain about this OMG WORDS HURTS MY FEELINGS stuff.

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Not new. I just think hearing characters spam laughs, goofy gestures and taunts don’t add to nor belong in the game.

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I’m too lazy for that

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What? I don’t care that the characters talk ■■■■ in the game. I care when it’s a command that’s easily exploitable and adds nothing but to annoy me as a player. Sure, you can turn the voices off but that just mutes everything they say. I don’t want the characters to stop talking. I want the stupid emote spam to at least be an optional toggle.

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I only use the bautista tomato expression at the most opportune and appropriate times.

Somebody f**ked my tomatos up!