Spamming of Emotes , Expressions and Taunts

There needs to be something done about emote, expressions and Taunts spamming. Firstly, I personally don’t think emotes, expression and taunts should be in Gears of War, especially in competitive. I have played numerous matches were players spammed character laughs and other expressions over-and-over again.

Expression, taunts and emotes should either be disabled in ranked, be on timer or have limited usages. As I stated earlier I don’t believe emotes, taunts and expressions should be in Gears of War. Many of the emotes in the game seem out of character. Players spamming laughs add an unwanted and extra layer of frustration to the game.

Please share your thoughts and opinions


Options->Audio->Character voices->Off


The expression system is the least buggy new mechanic TC has ever introduced into the GOW franchise. Don’t take that away from them.


I do think the idea of removing Taunts/Expressions from Ranked is a smart thought though. Make it feel just a little more serious. Or at least deactivate them during the round and allow only for MVP/pre-round moments.

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Does that turn-off all character speech? The combat speech of characters is an important aspect of the game in my opinion.

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Yeah only removed from ranked, because fk everyone else huh…
The solution is to limit the audio ones to be used once or twice per minute. Some (very few) are actually game play related, like, push for the objective or whatever.

Sometimes it seems like you guys just want everything removed.


oh no Lizzie laughed 6 times this game sucks I’m uninstalling!!


It’s another nuissance on top of a mountain of nuissances.

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Not really, everyone here just wants to complain (most of it deserved, but not this lol)


No one wants the character banter to be turned off. It’s the emotes/haha le spam laugh XD trash that is grating. If there was an option to turn THAT off then I’m all for that. I’ll die on this hill idc.


Don’t hate on emotes, they’re kewl…

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Voice commands (group up) are fine when used sparingly. They should make it to where there’s a delay when you try to spam it. Combine that with multiple versions of the same line (Regroup! Form up!) and it can be more tolerable.

In addition, muting players’ mics would also mute their expressions (specifically expressions). Finally, only those in your team should hear expressions.

There is a delay. Spam too much and a cooldown timer kicks in. But that delay is not enough for some people. That initial spamming is all it takes to set some people off.


That’s not a delay. That’s a cooldown that happens after you spam it too much. There needs to be a second or two before you can use another emote.

The moment an emote is used, there needs to be a small delay. No doubt your team heard you the first time.

The emotes are useful to actually communicate with people that don’t where a head set or stay in party chats all the time. The only one that gets annoying is the dumb laugh. If they just took out the laughing one I think it would go a long way towards stopping emote complaints.


I can’t believe they still haven’t removed casan’s laugh i hear it at least once a day

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Huaaaaa ha ha ha ha

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I’mma spam Lizzie laugh even harder now. Just knowing it’ll rustle someone else’s Jimmy’s.