Spacebar spamming

Must be nice for keyboard to just spam spacebar all day and act like your good a wall bouncing. Controller players need to be able to have more freedom on custom controls.

-Allow faster sensitivity.
-Unbind evade from run and take cover for default controls.
-Get rid of aim assist (fair is fair, cant ask and not give :tipping_hand_man:).

Said it before and I’m saying it again. Wont matter if the new xbox has power or not. Its the differences in capabilities between input methods that will hold crossplay back. An effort to make the differences as equal as possible needs to happen.

If not then the toggle isnt going anywhere.

Isn’t it easier to wall bounce on a controller?

The new consoles will also have full m/k support too.


There is an alternate control scheme that does separate evade and roll… so there’s that.

They did remove aim assist in PvP. It was big deal not long ago.

I really don’t get people complaining about PC. Personally I’m terrified of trying to play on keyboard and mouse and I have a hard time seeing this coveted bouncing being easier on it…

Not the same. It’s the fact you can’t unbind actions from a single button, without having to work around completely different controls that are in wanted.


It’s much easier to wallbounce on controller. It’s overall easier to play Gears on controller.


I disagree

Computer can designate spacebar to roll only. And hit it repeatedly without worrying about the error of unwanted rolling and thus dieing.

Controller you cant do this without completely changing the scheme of how you want to play, which is worse if your used to a certain scheme.

Keyboard certainly has the advantage with higher sensitivity and zero error with movement. Excessive button smashing for keyboard has no repercussions compared to controller.

Changes like this need to be planned out if a call to remove the toggle is made.

The Spacebar bounce is nothing, anyone on controller can do that. Remap it to the scroll wheel and even a new player becomes good at bouncing.

Also this game is much easier to do pretty much everything on with controller so this argument doesn’t even make sense

sorta, its smoother on a controller and less clunky, but its not hard on kbm and easier once you get use to it, or at least it is for me since its faster to press the keys than move the thumbstick.

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i got it kinda like that but my roll/run/cover on left mouse click while i have a secondary binding for cover (wallbounce) on the space bar so when i want to nail the wall bounce without any chance of roll i hit the space bar.

one thing i would recommend is having 2 wallbounce/cover buttons so you can alternate the presses to literally double the speed of the key presses but it would have to be modified version of ALT

What’s so hard about spamming any button u choose on the controller. I see no advantage in this. I’m an excellent bouncer with my controller. I don’t get this.

You cant unbind roll from the same button that takes cover.

Keyboard you can map take cover to only spacebar. This is a huge advantage over controller making for flawless movement especially with the speed a mouse can move.

For me, bouncing with spacebar is harder than it ever was on a pad. And I’m certainly not ‘hyper’ bouncing this way.

Does the alternate control scheme not make one button cover/roadie and another button roll? I recall playing Gears 3 that way using the claw method.

If you don’t mind spending the money on an elite controller, just switch to Classic Alt (what I have, and what you’re talking about), re-map all of the keys to act just like they do in Default, and just use one of the paddles as the ‘extra’ key…

if you want to have separate keys for run and slide you will have to learn a new control scheme anyway, this way you only have to learn the one change…

well yes u can as long as the key is in the secondary binding as one or the other. my space bar is cover only.

it’s easier with controller

If only you could use K&M on Xbox. Oh, wait…You can.
Here’s the dirty little secret, its harder to move with K&M than controller. People just like making excuses as to why they lose to PC players.

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@the-coalition can you make this an event please, so people will understand that aim assist is needed.

As someone who has played both controller and M&K, this is true.

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Been saying they need to let you customize the control scheme.
Gears of war settings/customization has always been trash. And instead of adding a customizable scheme they added the “shooter” scheme.

Also before someone replies, remapping is NOT the same.

No way to remove the camera from snapping back vertically on slide unless you switch to “single stick”. Which is just annoying and no way to remove the auto center. Never was an option to make slide input on press rather than release until “defaulternate” became a thing. Which then has it’s own issues.

Masters is a a BS spam fest and alwsys wiĺl be.