Spacebar spam wall bounce

Look I get you can remap and do the same with controllers. But really, what happened to gears? This is turning into unreal tournament weird sh**t.

Used to be a respectable thing when someone could have movement like that. Now its just something that sells more product due to worn out controllers, keyboards, and pisses off your roomates if you got em.

Oh that’s just the tip of the iceberg buddy

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I wallbounce like a god and I’m on controller.

Ask @Aloha_its_Kyle, he’ll tell you.

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Can confirm. He is SS tier.

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I’d hate to tell you about scroll wheel bouncing then…


Waaat this is a thing lol?

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Oh yeah, on kbm you can have two buttons bound to any one action so you can have up and down on your scroll wheel bound to take cover. It makes hyper bouncing so easy. Look it up on YouTube to see.


Nooo the master race might win the war this time.

Fml I’ve always been against cross play. But “bridging community’s” seems to be one of those priorities for TC, Im willing to wager this is most likely being pushed by Microsoft

Think about it. It’s a PC company and no one really asked for M&K until they bought it.

But the devil is in the details. Guess we wouldn’t have gears if it weren’t for them.