Sound Bug Stuttering

I play on pc. I have a massive Soundbug. I play with an Xbox Wirless Headset thru the Xbox Wirless USB Adapter. The Sound ist Stuttering realy hard. Every 3 Seconds i have a sound and then it breaks. Pls Fix this bug


Same problem for me. I play with a Turle Beach Stealth 600 connected to the pc and have massive stuttering. When I turn off the Headset and use the normal speaker, the sound is totally normal.


Same here, stealth 600 via the wireless adapter also.


Same here. Logitech G635.
Has anyone tried setting sound frequence to 48KHz(DVD quality). Some say it helps (it didn’t for me)


Same issue, using Steel Series 9x on pc with adapter… Using normal speakers is fine, but with the headset it is lagging/cutting every 2 seconds…


Can everyone please write here?
I think it will speed up fixing the problem.

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I have the same soundbug , If I use a headset via the xbox controller or an usb headset on the PC its bug but by connecting a headset jack works. A bug with usb sound i guess.

I read about changing the sound settings, but my frequency is already set to 48 dvd quality … Issue still persists :frowning:

@Praudmur just submitted.

@Kotora99 unfortunately I use a wireless headset with an adapter, and I don’t have a headphone jack to headphone jack cable… Connecting via USB didn’t work either.


Same here buddy. I haven’t even started the game yet because the sound is so bad. I have turtle beach stealth 600.

Same here

I just tried my turtle beach stealth 400 from my ps4 works perfectly. I think the issues is just with the stealth 600’s

Same issue with me as well, hoping to see a fix soon

Same issue using wireless windows adapter with TB stealth 600

Same issue. Reported it, too. Brand New Xbox one controller, X0 Seven Stealth. Audio cuts out for 2-3 seconds then returns for 1 second, then repeats. I’ve checked for a controller update, updated Bios, updated Asus sound drivers, updated Nvidia drivers, and checked different sources. The problem only happens with Gears 5. Gears of War 4 is fine, alongside everything else.


I’m also connecting via a Xbox Wireless Adapter on my PC. I’ve had this issue for months with games that support Dolby Atmos (Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, now Gears of War 5). The only solution I’ve found (for all games except Gears of War 5) is to turn off Spatial Audio in windows settings (right click volume button in the task bar->Spatial Sound to Off). Not sure why this doesn’t work in Gears of War 5. Maybe it’s forcing spatial audio despite turning off the setting.

Same issue here on a pair of Lucidsound LS35X’s

Same problem too with Xbox Wireless USB Adapter and Turtle Beach Stealth 600.

I created some feedback in the Feedback Hub app.

Upvote for this issue here:

That link doesn’t work for me, just says “Your account doesn’t have access to this feedback.”

Anyone find a solution to this or even get a response from a developer?