SOS please ! I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM... I need HELP!

Hi gears…

I’m a daily player.
Since this morning, after update title, i have a serious problem : I can’t play online !
I have a serious problem of synchronization data…
The only way to open Gears 4, is to select offline…
In all menu horde or versus battle, i have none (text).

It’s to say, if i select Horde -> Ironman yes or no, then none.
If i select versus battle : I have all choices in first time, i can select competitive or friendly, or coop, i select one mode then none : the screen don’t give other text (choice after).
I’m locked. I can’t play online mode.

I have had a message Error ‘’ CHALITZ ‘’…
I don’t know what it is.

I have tested to disconnect the power supply of the xbox one, for clear hidden datas, but the problem stay here.

I’m disappointed.
I have more of two years of data (skins, success) and i don’t want lose all with a full reload of the game… Can you help me please ?!

SOS, gear in distress !

Try and delete your local save file ONLY for Gears 4,
Next time you boot up Gears, it will fetch your file from the server.

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It is dangerous for skins and others items unlocked ?

No that’s why i said LOCAL save data. When you into the game file and chose delete they will ask if you want to delete everything or just local, as in on your Xbox only.

No, Microsoft has had me do this for glitchy games (Gears 4) in order to clear out corrupted data. It only deletes local (your hard drive) and accurate data is restored from their server.

Actually tried to delete everything to see if it would reset something, forgot what. MS rep said DONT DO IT it would delete everything. Doh. Tried it, still restored the data. Makes me wonder if they store the data else also. Won’t recommend trying that though :joy:

Ok. I will try this. Thanks for advices. I will confirm after if it is the solution…

Interesting. Sounds like they have backups now. They ran into big problems with games like Fable 2 that would delete saves. And the subsequent Fable 3 that did the same damn thing.
When it did it on Borderlands, the wife and I threw a fit and they gave us some store credit.

IAlways nice. Sucks when things break. Honestly don’t know how they store the data. Could have a timer linked to it, you chose to delete everything, x hours later it’s gone? I don’t know. Might try some stuff out one of these days. I know most sites, email for instance, especially MS when you delete your account, they don’t actually delete it until 60 days or so later, in case you change your mind.

No. Don’t work…
And i see others games have the same problem.
It seems a problem with synchronization of data in general…
It’s horrible !

Have you others ideas to help me, please ?

If this is related to all of your games, do what I wrote below.

Could try and remove/download your Xbox profile .

I have tested to go online with LFG system, i can’t join the group game : error message ‘’ PESANG ‘’

I’ve had the same issue in the past on two occasions. It just went away on its own after a while. Not sure if you can speed up the process. It’s really annoying, but if you join a friend’s game, they can search online for you

No. Don’t work… I’m disappointed !

This a system wide issue or just Gears?

But i can’t join a friend’s game…
It’s strange, because the store is online (and available), but games mode are off !

Royce Batty, the problem is for many games, but my priority is Gears.
Yesterday, all was ok, now, impossible to synchronize data.
It seem it’s the base of problem. Xbox live is ok, their services ok…
I’ve tested internet.
Just this synchronization is problem.

I haven’t a solution.
I don’t know what i can do.

Relax currently at work. Will DM you in a about 30 minutes when I get home.

Try unplugging your Xbox power for a few minutes and restarting it? Always try easiest stuff first. 9/10 a hard reset fixes Xbox related issues.

The problem comes of the internet service provider… Moreover it is the week end and i am in France : no solution before monday i think. Sad but true.

And Raam pack is here…

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Could get the Rise of Raam pack by logging in using your phone :smiley: