Sort your game out

This can’t be the end tuning for gears 5
It is a absolute tragedy this tuning especially the gnasher now .
Since op 6 with the add tracers the gnasher is so laggy and no responsive. Pellets missing delays in between shots . Press the trigger no response.
Headshot multiplayer. How can a shot headshot you with your back turned against it ?
How can it headshot you for 8 ft away .
I’ve just played a game and been killed by a head shot of the gnasher the match at least 10plus times
Why is the gib range so massive ? Surely this tuning youve stated , was more tactical how can a bigger gib range be more tactical? A smaller gib range is more tactical ain’t it ?
I’ve got to say out of the 5years of different tunings you’ve made this has to be the worst one to date and you know it is tc


If I could I’d turn these dang tracers off