Sort out the ping for eu players!

The ping for EU players is ridiculously bad!!! Shooting people point blank who have their back to you, just to have them turn round and blow you away? If it was the Americans who had the issue, it would have been fixed instantly.



Mine is ridiculously normal 10 to 20 ping.

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Mine is consistently over 100. Game is almost unplayable at times.


They don’t care. As usual Microsoft / TC don’t understand the concept of regions outside of North America. They’d rather lose all European players than to run a one-line command to deploy a server instance for Europe. How embarrassing that a leading cloud provider can’t host servers for one of their main titles. Meanwhile amateurs have been hosting 60 Hz Counter-Strike servers from their homes for the past 20 years


Mine is normal also 7-20, but then I’m in a Europe server I guess? When I’m in an American server I’m over 100-140!

Pfff fix this please?

I’ve just played a few games now. Every game my ping is over 120 and I’ve noticed other peoples are that high too. Apart from being unplayable like that, quitting is going through the roof. Ending the game with 3 players (myself included) is normal now.

Can we please select the servers we play on.

Fix this TC you lazy ginger ■■■■■ !!

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I think the ping is bad because people are quitting the game because they are being ripped off by the Coalition… so your being put in to the nearest place and if you’re in Europe it’s going to be the USA so high pings all round.

same here pink of 120-150 most days but show both my regions aroudn 40ms

For something that should be easy to fix according to other people, this is taking a long time.
we are at a week now and the problem has been going on longer than this.
I know everyone thinks its just ping on USA from EU, It’s not, we could all handle a little delay at 100 ping, we have all been there before. Gears is broke and unplayable and its not just the ping.
The problem is much more than that which is why imo it hasn’t been fixed yet.

So,you all want is like 20-30 ms?

C’mon! as if you all have inhuman reflexes.

I think a bot would have 0 ping instead.

What modes?


30-40 here mostly, sometimes in the 20’s. Europe.

It’s been like this for me since the Tech Test, I tweeted Octus multiple times and never got an answer, I’m actually relieved to see it’s happening to others as well as I was alone with 100+ ping in lobbies where everyone else were on normal ~30ping, and whenever I checked my options for matchmaking it was showing regular pings to nearest servers, but when actually playing it connected me to US servers and still does, constantly.

It’s completely ruining the game. Which is a shame as the Gears games are the best games I’ve ever played. Hoping they get it fixed soon, not counting on it though.

What’s considered normal playable ping?

Sorry but no idea lol

Yeah they need to sort this out before anything else. The fact they won’t even talk in detail about how they plan to fix this says it all about the coalition. To leave ranked p v p broken for eu players for a week now is a laugh. Good luck selling the weapon skins and crap to people who can’t even get a match that plays properly…


1 week and no fix…

@TC_Octus you’re kidding us!