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Sorry everybody but I had to post lol

I gotta agree with @Bleeding_Pepper on this, don’t lie. It’s too easy to figure out, especially when it’s obvious. You wouldn’t believe some of the stupid lies we’ve had people tell us. Suuuuuure, your Deposit Bonus is maxed out yet it clearly isn’t because we all understand how percentages work. My group has always had the philosophy that it’s better to be honest and ask for help to level up and learn the maps, then you can really become a part of the Horde community. We help new members all the time. If you lie, you’ll end up like Bleeding Pepper said, on the blacklist and we’re such a small community now that word will spread quickly.

I’d suggest not just using LFG, but also going to the XBL clubs. There are several there that are dedicated to Horde and a few to Speed Runs if you want to really level up fast. There are a few maps where the team can carry a Level 1 character and have you Level 10 in 1 Inconceivable Ironman game. Your class cards might still be low, but you could at least then bring 5 cards. Go to those groups and ask to learn, you’ll find that there are a lot of members of our community who are willing to teach and help, if you’re honest.

Oh, it also helps if you drop your GT here and have a mic.

Thanks yea i have them just level ones and deposit level 4…ill do then koth cuz i tried the horde and they kept leaving or didnt want to play with me cuz i dont know what to do lol.

Thanks yea i tried that and send them messages and they tell me nop i have asked like 10 groups and no luck so i did single q and i can only have a full team by round 10 and they leave or always dieing and i dont waste no money or die i just collect and kill revive team mates etc… dont know y they leave.and my gt is the same as my name here and i have mic also for in case someone talks or i need to do call outs on comp.