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Sorry everybody but I had to post lol

MK 11 pre-ordered: Check
Day off of work: Check
Launch day Johnny Cage: Check


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Launch day Cage?

I pre ordered the season pass edition from GameStop :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I meant he was the character I’m starting with. His play style looks cool & his fatalities are great.

MK11 needs Marcus lol

Plain and simple. Lol

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I gotta say NetherRelm does a pretty good job incorporating characters not native to the games whether its MK or Injustice I always enjoy them


Lol Marcus would be a brawler. Power fighter. Just smashing people

Would be epic

I could see the fatality being something crazy with the chainsaw or even the xray move being something with the snub and grenades

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sorry this has nothing to do with this post but where can i join a group to do horde for speed runs that dont mind
a player that only played horde once thats me to join for exp to get 10 re-up im on usa est time .need help just dont know where to look i went into the xbox game page but its always nope i cant join i need someone whos leveled up and not new.

Try the LFG on xbox

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thanks for the reply …i have tried and no one wants me on the team cuz i dont know what to do or no one joins in to help lol

just lie and say you only have your scout maxed out this way you dont really have to do anything except collect power and you can learn how to do the speed runs

lmao ok ll try that then thanks .

What level is your scout??

lol 0 my engineer is 4 when i tried it for the challenge of doing 50 waves to get something way back when it came out lol and i sold all my card of horde to level any one of them up i just have left the exp ones .

I suggest doing a few solo runs or just find a few quick matches with your scout at least until you can unlock 2 card slots. 1 for deposit bonus and the 2nd for pick up distance then you should have no problem with it. If anything make sure your deposit bonus is maxed

ok will do… i tried to play yesterday and they just quit after the 10th round and then i was left alone and we was doing good no one died or bought nothing .i will try today

@HayMaker304 Let us know when you get exclusive inside knowledge about a Black Steel Onyx Guard

Dude. You don’t understand. I’m a noob on the onyx guard lol

Just do some versus King of the Hill.while it’s 4XP.

You’ll get more XP this way than fooling around trying to get a group to do speed runs. Any decent group is going to call BS on you and quit. Then you’ll be back to square one, searching for another group while you’re not gaining XP.

When you could have just been playing nonstop KOTH.

Later when it’s back to 2XP, if you want, level up your scout and find speed runs if that’s more your cup of tea.

That’s my advice.

P.S. Do you even have pickup distance, deposit bonus, speed boost, dodge, health, health regen, cards? Those are the only useful ones.


I agree. You also end up spoiling your reputation if you try to mislead other players of your level and get found out. The player base ia much smaller now so it’s usually the same few dozen people who do speedruns. If you’re on their blacklist, then you won’t get invites. And its actually quite easy to get found out. Speedruns focus on resource management so if a Scout isn’t bringing in much power, or the Engineer is spending lots, then people will notice.

I’d suggest focusing on levelling up your Scout and Engineer. The cards you need are common (green) and rare (blue) so in theory it should be alot easier to get them and level them up. The Scout class is easier to play as, while the Engineer requires you to have an idea of where to place things and what to build (and in what order).

The cards you will need are:

Health Boost
Speed Boost
Deposit Bonus
Pickup Distance
Health Regeneration or Energise or Dodge

Sentry Discount
Repair Boost

And any three from the following:

Build Discount
Sentry Capacity
Fortification Health
Carry Speed