Sorely Missing Gears 4 Bounties and Scrap in Gears 5

Gears 4 incentivized players to grind and earn scrap to purchase character skins and weapons that we wanted. In Gears 5 things are seemingly so expensive that you need to open your wallet just to get a skin that you want.

Being able to choose your own bounty kept things fresh and shook the gameplay up. Hoping that TC will address these issues in future Gears 5 patches being that Gears 4 was their creation.


completely agree. Its more than just that, but they went to a mobile mindset getting people to want to play everyday to get things unlocked…But what you unlock is dumb imo…Great game to play, but the options get stale really quick

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Right. I was expecting the evolution of the bounty/scrap system. Seems like we got something entirely different and less fun to play.

The bounty system was trash. There was plenty of potential in it but never went anywhere. The XP payout for them werent that great. It would have been nice to get something better then “get 3000 points in KoTH” which you should have been able to get withing the first 5 minutes of a match.