Soooooo no more featured packs?

Where the featured packs at? Been too long i have waay too many credits saved up

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TC are on a pack hiatus at the moment. There’ll be something new at some point but there’s no telling when.

Can’t even imagine how scuffed the servers will get once the hiatus is over and everyone buys packs at once

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I’m sure the payoff for this hiatus will be worth it in the end. Hopefully with the addition of some new characters. Or varients like Cyclops, Golden Hunter and maybe even Karn, Onyx Guard Prescott or even Paduk.

I hope you’re right but, to me it’s pointless. I don’t want a bunch of stuff at the end of this game’s lifespan right before Gears 5 comes out. I’d like to see it right now since the playerbase has waned recently. TC seriously needs to get players back.


Well TC did say the wait will be worth it and by doing so keep on saving up credits. So it’s gotta be something big surely.


It’s definitely going to be something new.

They won’t go on a hiatus and not come back with some new characters :wink: :wink:

Surely you aren’t familiar with their previous, “it’ll be worth the wait” claims…
I don’t like to beat up on them too much because I do love their game, but their promises have left me sad on many an occasion.

Seems that the best moves they’ve made have been delivered as absolute surprises.


Let’s just hope there’s some good stuff coming soon. I’d like to see karn make it into gow4 before the game is done with completely

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Yeah I get that dude, got to try and be positive, just one more time,

Yikes. You might not be emotionally prepared for this place. It gets a lot rougher than that. I’ve been accused of being too nice. Wait till you encounter some of the others.


The gilded raam post said no more featured packs

I’m cool with this, just want loads of good stuff in 5. Hopefully we will start to get a trickle of new info now that TC have said Gears 4 is kind of over. Surely the alpha/beta will be in by end of May at latest. That is assuming we are looking at Sept/Oct release.

I’m willing to bet the game won’t release till November or December the latest.

Well assuming it releases in 2019 I think you might be right about Dec being the latest.
Do you do Tarot reading as well :wink: :wink: (Only playing).

Hopefully it is sooner, but end of the year would not be the worst thing.

Well when you think about it they would make more money releasing the game near the end of 2019 simply due to holiday sales like Christmas.

You would assume but with it being on the gamepass I’m not that convinced it would make a great deal of difference.
As I and many of us have said Gears is a AAA title but a very niche one, so I’m not sure any date in the calendar will have that big an impact.

I doubt everyone would buy it in game pass unless they also do some kind of sale by even so there’s multiple ways of buying games.

I’m calling September/October.

I’m hoping they bring back at least some packs, even though almost everything is craftable now. I’m specifically asking for the return of Feral Horde packs, not for the skins but for the high Epic Horde card drop rates. My main account has everything maxed/crafted. I’m just hoarding my credits on my alt account in case Feral Horde packs come back so I can more easily level up the Horde skills on it.