Sooo? This Isnt A Headshot Wow

jyfhtdhdhrj So Idk how hit boxes work but in this case this swarm head should be looking like a swarm He didnt die by the way the white faint smoke trail is where the bullet hit the crosshairs and hit maker is raised because the recoil

The sniper in this game is giving me some serious Gears 2 flashbacks. It’s insane how often the headshots don’t register as headshot.


i shot a guy in the face and someone bodied him and i got 225 points how does that work yea gow 2 wasbt the best for sniping either

I am a pretty decent sniper when ping and hit detection are cooperating. However I love hitting heads and them shrugging it off or it somehow goes right through them. And the worst part is that when that is the case I dont dare rush to pull out my gnasher as those shots do not take any better. Game is a disaster multiplayer wise.

There can never be 100% perfect hit detection in any online game, everything you see on your screen is a lie. They need to remove lag compensation / prediction, so we can actually lead our shots and have more consistent hit reg. The game predetermines the winner by giving the better more in-sync prediction to particular pings/bandwidths (lower ping isn’t always better).

Predetermines lol

Essentially yes.