Sometimes I feel bad for TC

With a community like this.

I’ve hardly touched Gears 5 for over 3 weeks and only played the last 2 days or so. I’ve just played 4 KOTH ranked matches and destroyed in each of them and in every single match I got hate messages from at least 1 person.

The guy rage quit in the second round leaving his team a man down and then tells me I’m going to get banned, I’ve never quit a ranked game ever, even when everyone else on my team has. Even as I write this 2 of them are still sending me messages.

I haven’t shown this guys name because I’m not trying to cause trouble but with people like this as part of the community I sometimes feel bad for TC. Also the other messages are a lot worse and I’m pretty sure I can’t show them on here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a few posts criticising the game. But that’s because I genuinely like the Gears series and want to see it succeed. But I don’t send people hate messages and abuse just because they whooped my butt.

Edit: I know this screen shot doesn’t hold much weight, but it’s the only one i can show i think without getting banned as the others are just swear words and racist comments. The main point is i’ve played 4 ranked games and got 7 different people sending me this stuff because they got literally destroyed in a game. I’ve only replied to 2 of them, 1 shown above and another just saying “thanks”. Currently got 34 messages from these 7 D-bags even though i haven’t replied to 5 of them. I don’t never get anywhere near as many messages playing other games, it only ever seems to be good old Gears.


Lmao. Normally I have my settings set up so that I can’t receive msgs or hear randos. One time I changed that so that I can hear somebody that was playing horde with me and forgot to switch it back afterwards. First match I get into I cleaned up and received a hate msg. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lawd I love XBL.


This has nothing to do with TC. This happens with every game.

Do yourself a favour and set your communication settings to “friends only”. Then you can revel in the fact that the hate messages will be falling on deaf ears, which will annoy them further


Not all the community its like that… I think you’re generalizing the community because you encounter such dumb person…

I do believe most of the community are good people , that like games and Delivery Driver Mac like you @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o

I’ts a shame that such people exist within the gaming community and tarnish the image of most of all.

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I know but I’ve only played 4 ranked matches in almost a month and I’ve gotten 7 different people sending me this rubbish. I wish I could show you the other messages but I’m pretty sure I’d get banned from the forums

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I often get messages of the same type but they are usually in spanish so I don´t understand it I just look for words I see and know have a bad meaning and usually just respond with Tres Taco Por Favor or just leave it alone.


Not all us like tacos man … c’mon = ) jajajajja LOL

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I do

The only reason I know that is just so I can say it to my waiter usually as a joke and they usually have a good laugh usually from surprise since I walk in talking le english but after that I know nothing else XD.

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I hear you. People are salty when they lose. Heck, I am sometimes.

I don’t send people hateful messages though. That’s why it’s best to just change the setting so you don’t have to deal with it

Everybody likes Delivery Driver Mac


Usually when I loose, I don’t send them messages in spanish with curse words at all…

Instead I just send them over a message saying to them " YOU ROCK MAN " or " You’re truly a TOP GUN in this game ". something like that…

I do encourage players that are better than me.

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yes man. that’s the true word there :smile:

I prefer a good GG or a maybe some other time in matchmaking eh or just play again etc.

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yes man … I usually more of a horde person… however I do sometimes play Versus. its fun man I learn a lot from that game mode.

Welcome to Gears of War, first to 5 Warzone on Escalation

Oh I’ve been welcomed to Gears since 2006, I’m used to this. I just can’t believe People can be so immature just because they got beat at a game

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being a know developer active on twitter is probably one of the worst things to deal with. A job I don’t envy, that and anyone who works in retail and has to deal with customers all day.

that’s why I decided that instead of being a developer I chose to be an EMC Networker Backup and Recover Specialist … way more freedom and you don’t have to deal with lots of customers.


Can’t relate at all. My win ratio is top 1% & never really encounter harassment. Might be really low ranked playing with scrubs.