Sometimes engineers "ONLY" build lockers for heavies, take less priority for others

When I’m not hosting the game, the typical fashion where engineer builds locker first for heavy (JD/Keegan) then the engineer will build one for everyone else or will have other ideas.

Had a game as Fahz, where we had Del, he start building lockers for JD and Keegan. Unfortunately, when I asked for one on wave 12 the host (Del) replied “wait.” Instead, he was building/upgrading sentrys, obviously he probably thought that Fahz was less priority for the team. In wave 17, he start building more and more barriers at that point I didn’t bother asking again, I immediately left the game.

I’m seeing this more often where engineers will build lockers for “key” players and completely ignore others. End of the day, It was my mistake for not hosting my own game. But I took the risk for joining someone else’s lobby.

Next time when I’m hosting the game, I’m even debating to have engineer in my team. But still will have Jack in my game to keep up with power for everyone while he is smelting weapons. No point having engineer that builds half base for everyone.

I feel like the 1st locker should be for the team until another one can be purchased. The problem with this I’ve seen is that normally people that play JD and need a level 4 locker ASAP dont actually know how to use a locker to its full potential.

They get mad when you use an open slot on the locker instead of just using whatever weapon is on it to switch it to another spot

I agree. But so many times I got kicked for putting my weapon on “someone’s” locker. Hence, why I don’t touch anything when the 1st locker is build. Instead I rely on ammos and wait till my locker gets build.

If I’m hosting the game that’s different story

These are the same JD’s that require like 3 lockers lol

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First locker I build is for everyone to share, after that they’ll each get a level 1 that I’ll upgrade when I can.
Any JD’s or other that’s being an ■■■ about it will get the boot.

Wish we had controls over who could use them or not, would be awesome to build 10 lockers and not let JD use any of them :stuck_out_tongue:
(Yeah, I hate JD. Almost as much as I hate Cole with his damn yelling.)

The same JD’s that require 3 lockers and only uses 5 weapons.

If you need more than 3 Boomshots/ 3 GLs something is wrong. Especially if you have a levelled up Launcher Capacity.

Hence why I hate JD hosts.

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Just ban JD’s

Sorry I don’t think banning Jack Daniels will be the solution. That’s my cure and my medicine.


JD’s are just divas is all, they just require a bit more grooming and such than other characters :relaxed:

I played with a JD host yesterday, and asked for a boom to use with my intervention card as Cog Gear, which was ignored. Not long after, Jack came by and dropped a boom he’d found outside the base. A couple of waves went by and the game suddenly paused. Then poof, I was gone. I messaged the JD and asked concerning my suspicions on what I’d been kicked for, and they never responded to that either. Can’t help but think he was jealous someone else could potentially be trying to make things go boom. This is just one of many fun JD stories I’ve experienced since I started playing at the end of op 3.

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and two ammo boxes, each wave…

Made a mistake of joining a 50 wave insane lobby on blooddrive when i thought it was frenzy. The countdown starts as soon as i join and i’m not paying attention to the screen. I realize what i’d done, and considered exiting but then talked myself out of it, i don’t like being left high and dry, so decided to stick it out. I’m Kait down the hall while the rest of them sit on the third row. i mvp almost every wave, and haul butt to pick up ammo box at wave end, power and secure the taps and dutifully depost it. I’m working hard here and these guys are relaxing during and after the wave. Staring at their weapons lockers. On a break i peek in the back room and there are five fully upgraded weapons lockers dotted with neon and flameskinned booms, drops, and GL’s - all shiney and chrome. On insane no less. The fruits of my hard work right there . . .so i start perking up. Because i’m getting sweaty with all the shucking and jiving i’m doing. One wave ends…eighteen or so, i’ve got 2grand and some change in the pocket, but i decide to keep it. Save it for the next go around, grab my perk, and then go about depositing. I’m near the box but don’t deposit, and JD starts swatting me with his knife . . . i stand there in stunned silence, and he motions with his Gl towards the box. I instantly leave. Enough of that.

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Honestly you should try doing what I do keep in mind I play with a mic so I announce what I’m doing at the beginning of the match. Fahz is my main horde character so I bank my power for the first 10-12 waves. I don’t pick up power from the field just what I collect from playing then build a locker for myself and upgrade it once. Those two slots are mine and whoever wants to upgrade the last two slots is more than welcome to share it with me. So far I’ve not had any problems in others lobbies. By wave 35-40 I’ve got a completely upgraded character and my weapon locker and everything else from that point I deposit. As long as your not taking power off the field most hosts won’t say anything.

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I just play the 1st locker is for everyone, the 2nd locker is for 2 players as well as the 1st is for 2 players, then I upgrade those lockers and build 2 more when the energy is available. This whole the 1st locker is mine is total BS and kick anyone who lays claim to a locker that hasn’t been built for them. I had so many JDs go on a mad one because they “needed” 2 lockers or wouldn’t share the 1st one that I just kicked them out and never looked back. This locker problem is 1 of the reasons I have a ban on James Dominic Fenix, who is not to be confused with Jack Daniels, in my lobbies lol

If I have a keegan I just tell him to spend energy on his perks because after countless runs as Keegan I barely ever need a locker and when I do a level 2 will suit me just fine.

Everyone gets a locker and until then you are all sharing. Don’t share then don’t join my lobbies.

Even if you did, everyone gets a share rather than it all going to one player unlike Gears 4.

Lol. Hmeep, hmeep

I had some JD boast he carried the whole team (when he had 3 lockers to himself) it’s like “Duh, OP character is OP”

Selfish to be honest.

Wait, are we back to complaining about JD already?

As Jack in a Master game, I have gotten to where I prefer not having an engineer, unless we are majorly simpatico