Something wrong with this weeks update

Since yesterday’s update I have lost 90% of ranked matches. My gnasher does 80% damage while the opponents kills me in one shot.

This game is no longer fun…

Put it back!


Guess you dont have GHOST HOST today.
Usually its 1 to 5 or 1 to 6 for me.
Which means. For every 1 day that the gsme feels smooth af. There is 5 days of utter bs and im atleast 2 steps behind and movement is extra extra slow.

Today. I have GHOST HOST. It only took since last friday to finally get it back again. And tht day i only played for 20 mins. The next day. It was completely gone and hasnt showed back up til today

So just remember, when you think your playing like a god. And cant miss a shot and every shot are Bricks.
The opponents are probably dealing with bs and fighting the game more than you.


Can anyone explain why this is the case? I experience this a lot. Some games everything I touch turns to gold. Then, either a new lobby or a certain player leaves or joins or teams swap, and I feel like I am a second slow on every shot. I thought we are all on dedicated servers so “host” isn’t even a thing anymore.

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did you miss the Patch Notes?

it said right there in black and white that the player Gouligan2171 will have a reduced win percentage


U deserve 1000 gp :rofl:

It matters what time of day you play obviously

Same here, Gnasher works like ■■■■ again…


Some may see this as a conspiracy theory or some other BS, but truth be told, when applied to my experience playing the game, this reasoning is the most consistent explanation as to why the game works the way it does.

I had a lot fun playing the game on saturday, not so much monday & tuesday and today was utter garbage. Your explanation applies 100% in my case.


i came to the same conclusion back with GOW4. But I still kind of do believe it is a conspiracy. I think they can’t solve certain netcode problems so they resorted to just favoring one group of people and disfavoring another group and just rotating it every so often


Why does time matter? I play in the evenings, when the most number of UK players will be playing. So there is no excuse for us to be playing people in America or really anywhere else in Europe at that time.

Get a vpn idk what to tell you… Its bad enough you get latency compensation an sponge

The gansher is broke for close range firghts. shots dont hit when your close up point blank, people can shoot through corners, chuncks are inconsiatant to no exsistant while blind firing, pelets show detection but upon death it shows i do no damage at all. i could carry on.

The movement is way too fast and the lancer is OP from distance. it either the accuracy or power. 1 of the two NOT BOTH TC.

I wish they would just leave the balance and stop messing around. it makes the game inconstant, opens up to errors in development.

People wonder why people quit. why play a game match when shots you know that hit are not. I will not be part of the BS the game has at the moment. people will wait 15mins-hr for decent game. or just not play the game again.

I played the dev playlist and it does seem better. in fact it feels just like launch/beta tuning which was great in my opinion. i mean its like 1 footstep back and 3 further back with TC when it comes to weapon tuning and online play.

I’m annoyed, dissapointed, fustrated and depressed.

PS i bet TC/MS know why there are thes e issues and just wont fix them because they can’t. mone

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I too am uk player, what is it exactly ur trying to say??

well, developers don’t stay at companies forever and anyone who doesn’t mind breaking NDA or remain anonymous can leak this information.

Agreed game feels worse. The gnasher range is even more inconsistent then ever and it seems like I’m getting them high percentage shots with no kills? It was fine before this, why do they keep changing it. So frustrating tbh


Its not my fault they have trash servers by you and nobody is playin but tbh i shouldn’t have to be matched up in the same game as you just cause nobody else is high enough skill . makes the game fkin unplayable
I live on the east coast near canada(as in thats where the gdamn tc studio is in. Why am i gettin matched up with ■■■■ cuz u have no players near u

I have no problem find matches on EU servers so i dont no what ur talking about and neither do u by the sound of it…
We all play on the same servers they’re just located in different regions, like CANADA is NORTH usa not east coast like u think🤔

Also if ur getting matched with “me” then surely im of high skill also??

My servers r also full of high ping players but it doesn’t bother me as i am able to cope with it.

Have a nice day👍

I live in new york city buddy where they host the championship tournaments get ya facts right bud its based off canadian servers where i live we are on the border of canada on east coast servers bro stop actin like you kno ive been playin gears 5 since launch it has not gotten that much better tbh… Like i said we shouldnt be matched up in the same lobby i have had people from eu in my game an it is unplayable… If there was a region lock so many of you would not be masters … Unfortunately not enough people play the game in your region so i am forced to play with people in different countries

Lol, ur funny👍

Oh he’s a riot.
I swear, it’d be easier to read Hegel in the original German than some of the posts he comes up with. Grammar and punctuation be darned I guess

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