Something wrong with gears 5 servers today?

Every game mode I’ve played today, the sponging has been horrible.
TDM , Free for all, you name it…

Shots not registering
1 hit 87% shots at least 6-7 times per match
Movement feels sluggish and lagged…

I’m in Florida , ping 18-20. Is anyone
else experiencing this today? Or the past few days. I’ve been playing the gears franchise 13+ years so I know when something feels off

Is something going on?
Lag compensation issue?


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Known issue,being Fixed in 3 weeks, T.C. will get to it.

■■■■ my life


Something wrong with Gears servers everyday!


It’s been especially bad the last 24 hours

Feels like a lag compensation issue


i know it just a constant thing. I wreckon they are up to something for sure after the accidental 6XP boost that sppeared.

Unless you’re a part of the HPE then you don’t really stand a chance.

Today??? WorkS as intented all the Time lol

Something is ■■■■■■ with the servers.

I’m downloading the new update at my brothers at like 6Mbps

Tested another game 2k20 and got upwards of 75MBps

Imagine being 1st party and you’re download is crap

It went fine for me, lucky it is not that big of an update.

Well I hope it isn’t gonna go that way when I get to updating my game.

If my Xbox’s automatic updates didn’t kick in that is, which I doubt as I didn’t leave it on.

It’s really static, the highest download speed I got was 42 and immediately dropped back down.

And my automatic update didn’t kick in. I had to get up and turn the Xbox on.

Well, I guess I’m not gonna get my hopes up then. And I even thought I should leave the Xbox on in morning after waking before I leave… and then forgot.

Now I won’t be home yet for at least another hour and a half.

Big surprise, my Xbox instead of downloading the update had shut itself down fully even though I have not set it to power saving. After 17 minutes 23.4% through the download.

Yeah I don’t know what the hell is wrong with auto update and download.

■■■■ just doesn’t seem to work 95% of the time.

Well my update’s done so if you wanna have me along, I’m open to it. At least after I get that Versus daily out of the way.

Unless your comms ban still is in effect.

6 is when it’s up. And I’m going back to bed lol. I’m tired as Scott

Not much different to how I’m feeling after the day then.