Something very weird just happened to me

So i was playing horde as lizzie and i used my silverback, so then an ice scion froze me and then a drone hit my silverback while frozen and the screen turned very red, like when your silverback doesnt have any health left then the game took me out of the silverback and i couldnt move i was stuck after the wave ended it seemed to fix itself but it did the transition like when you respawn, i lost my weapon skins and the movement became pretty jittery when i tried to go into cover it was pretty slow and i think the animations were the ones that the ai bots in horde do, also when i damaged an enemy i didnt see their health bar or see numbers pop up of how much damage i did to them we ended up wiping so i dont know if dying would have fixed it, i recorded some clips that are on my profile sorry i dont know to link them im new to this forum stuff