Something the community tends to easily forget

I agree with the vast majority that the launch of Op 6 is pretty underwhelming overall, especially after the fantastic Op 5 which was packed with 5 maps, lots of characters, major PVE changes, and just great content and updates overall.

But I recently saw a post on Twitter that reminded me of something:

And he’s right…this is a great point and something we honestly keep forgetting. Every single piece of content in Gears 5 since it launched (with the exception of esports and licensed content) has been absolutely free. No Battle Passes that you have to purchase with money or earn with in game currency - free. Hek even the amazing Hivebusters DLC was “free” if you had Gamepass…which millions of people do. And back in Op 4 they completely overhauled the currency to make everything in the store earnable with Gold. On top of all that, they’re actually ramping up the Ops to release content at a faster pace.

Yes you can make the argument that Gears 5 was 60 bucks at launch, but that was over a year ago, by now the game has more then paid for itself with post release content not to mention many people got the game for free via Gamepass.

Op 6 isn’t super exciting compared to Op 5, I’m not denying that at all, but from this perspective, it’s hard to complain really. It’s all free content. Just being real here is all.

I’m not saying TC is handling things perfectly here, but the Gears community is overly harsh IMO and honestly its own worst enemy. I believe it will also be the downfall of Gears at this rate. I hope not bc I love Gears to death and always will, but this is an insatiable community.

(And to be clear this is strictly referring to post release content, not tuning decisions, 4 v 4, etc. Don’t turn this into a tuning thread)


I feel people would rather pay for it then get it for free. Pay for it and get more. Free, get very little. Of course people will complain still about buying it but at least they would have more maps.


Yeah that’s the thing, either way you will still see complaints.

I would much rather take this approach. Yes it took them time to get going, but it’s free. And at this point we have a decent amount of maps/content.

6 ToDs, 12 new maps (including FFA and 2v2), 7 G4 ports, numerous Escape Hives, tons of characters and weapon skins.

All free. If this was a paid model like previous Gears, it would have been very expensive.


True, but then again, pretty much every major GaaS that has released in the last few years has lots of free content released. CoD, Fortnite, Apex. All of them run similar models. The only way it is financially viable is where microtransactions come into play. I expect this amount of content, otherwise you are not going to last very long.

Yeah, a lot of content has released, but that content hasn’t really been of a high quality. I know that’s quite subjective, but a lot of the content has been recycled from previous games, which players get bored from quicker, and some of the maps have way outlived their sell-by date in my opinion.

These operations are supposed to give players a reason to play the game again, maybe buy a bundle or something like that, and unfortunately, this operation won’t do that. It’s quite clear from this operation that TC’s attention is elsewhere.

And I would argue at the moment that the bigger problem with this game is when it comes to gameplay, not necessarily the quality of the content within it, although that is an issue.

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Imo, the Fortnite store, BP, and content cycle should’ve never been in the game. They could’ve used the map pack system from 3 or lootbox system from 4.

If people can afford $10 skins every week, they can afford a $15 map pack every 3 months. The community needs to continue being harsh on TC if we want to avoid another Gears 5 fiasco.


Yes the quality is subjective but the point still stands, everything is free so we should always have that mindset.

If these Operations were for money or required in game premium currency, it would be an entirely different story.

Considering everything has been free, they’ve honestly done a decent job.

Apex and CoD Battle Passes have free content but they also have premium passes that are locked behind pay walls. In Gears 5 everything is free and there is only one ToD each Operation.

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Ill never understand the need for more maps. I am competely fine with the amount of maps we have right now. The only time it bothered me was in ranked but that was because payers were choosing the same 4 or 5 maps over and over again lol. Over 20 maps and players still pick the same maps in ranked lol.


All I want is my old tuning back. Then I will stop complaining about every little thing they do.


Your post may have some merit, but stop saying Gamepass is free. Microsoft is not a charity and I assure you that they most certainly see a motivation for making Gamepass a loss leader. Gears 5 is on Gamepass because Microsoft thinks it will be e means for them to at some point be able to extract more money from you than a normal sale of Gears 5 would have resulted in.


The lootbox system was atrocious (essentially legalized gambling) and getting rid of it was the best decision TC ever made for Gears 5. The store and currency system in G5 is superior to G4.

Nobody ever said Gamepass is free.

Do agree with that. I certainly stupidly spent a bit of cash on those loot boxes.

I liked how you earned coins through simply playing though and I feel gears 5 should be the same instead of strictly boring challenges for coins

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I agree, but I think if TC were to take the old path, with paid DLC and map packs, I don’t think they would release a lot of what has come out in the previous 18 months. Just because it is free and comes with the $60 price tag doesn’t mean that it excuses the quality of the content, and some of the decisions made by the studio.

I cannot argue with the quantity. It’s been excellent. But then again, in this day and age, you expect it.

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You pay for Gamepass, which comes with 100s of games and perks.

Gears 5 is one of those. Hence the “free” in quotation marks.

The vast majority of Xbox users are already signed up with Gamepass, it’s a no brainer at this point. Many ppl got Gamepass subscriptions as free offers and for a very long time Microsoft was offering Gamepass for $1.

So yes…“free”.


Yes, in much the same way that ice is “hot”, and water is “dry”. The amount of users signed up is entirely inconsequential to the discussion of whether it’s free or not. I know there has been some offers to sign up for cheap, but that only means Microsoft expects to cash in big on those users later rather than now.

You can get hung up on Gamepass all you want, even if you paid 60 bucks for the game at launch, the point still stands. All post release content is free.

Gamepass was just an added bonus for those who took advantage of it.

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I’m pretty okay with this, I don’t mind there being only a small amount of content. It’s better than nothin’ no me, but I might be a weirdo.


Before we had to pay $ for skin on one single weapon, they come in packs now. The content and gameplay is honestly great, it’s matchmaking and all the bugs that are the issue.


Free content for the worst, most casual gears. I would pay for continue playing my favourite game like g1-3. Hivebusters campain is the only good content and its not free

GoW4’s pack and coin system was very fair IMO. I got what I wanted by playing and reupping. The RNG for skins in esport packs sucked though. Paying money for 5 random drops was terrible…

5 has also be rewarding through gameplay, the coin system basically throws currency your way. And now at least TC previews what you would get for buying or using iron.

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